Simon Cowell Net Worth

and facts you didn't know


Simon Cowell’s climb to fame wasn’t all roses and champagne. Born in 1959 in Lambeth, London, his first glimpse of the music industry was through his father Eric Cowell, a big shot in the music world. Simon kicked off his career by sorting out mail and getting stuck into the nuts and bolts of the industry at EMI Music Publishing.


If you didn’t know, most of his bucks come from his epic journey in the music business. He serves as a record label boss, TV producer, and that guy we love to grumble about on reality TV. The cash he’s collected on his ride is eye-popping.


How do you top such wealth? You wade into the spirits game, of course. In 2023, in an epic power move, he partnered with a gin and vodka company out of Miami named Harry Blu’s, and got in as a co-owner.

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