The Best Mic Preamp for Every Budget

Avalon VT 737SP

The Avalon VT-737sp is considered by many an engineering jewel. Boasting a superlative tube amp, sweepable EQ and high quality compressor, it’s not surprising  the most popular channel strip.

DBX 286S

DBX are veterans in the signal processing game and that shows in the DBX 286s. In this channel strip, you gain access to their entry-level preamplifiers and also their popular compression. 

Grace Design M101

The m101 is a favorite among home users and small studios looking for either a direct injection point or a preamp that is absolutely as transparent as possible. Basically, what this guy does is it takes your microphone and show you its true potential. 

Universal Audio Solo/610

Another standalone lunchbox chassis, the Universal Audio SOLO/610 is modelled after the classic Putnam 610 pre’s that are highly coveted for their beautiful tube coloration. Like all at this range, it’s got a low-cut feature, phantom power, impedance settings for the tube and D.I. input, and phase reversing.

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