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Please consult the following information concerning our advertising practices before contacting us.

Special Notice

LedgerNote does not and will not take part in any of the following activities:

  • Accept money or favors for dishonest and disingenuous product reviews.
  • Sell or purchase hyperlinks.
  • Allow user-generated content of any kind, moderated or un-moderated, to appear on the site.
  • Accept guest author contributions for the purpose of search engine manipulation schemes.

LedgerNote respects the law set forth by our governmental agencies, the guidelines and parameters demanded by the companies supporting our technological infrastructure and those of the internet at large, and the wishes of our advertising partners and general readership.


LedgerNote provides opportunities for high-quality and trusted companies to place fully-disclosed adverts within our content, particularly our long form Columns. Please contact us for further information concerning traffic and demographic data. Please disclose your identity, company, and goals upon initial contact. We do not respond to anonymous inquiries.

Guest Authors

LedgerNote fields requests from non-affiliated authors who would like to publish unique and exclusive content on our website. We currently do not attribute work to specific authors on, but will do so on our social networking channels. We reserve the right to alter, add, or remove portions of any submitted content before publishing. We scrutinize every hyperlink included in the content. We will reject all content from guests that appear to be involved in search engine manipulation schemes.