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Take your own and your client’s songs to the next level. The tips and tricks provided here can provide crystal clear clarity to your recordings that can make the difference between a dud and a worldwide hit. Don’t miss the info in our other columns as well. Take advantage and dominate your sector.

Understanding Mix Bus Compression

Monday - May 29, 2017 Mixing & Mastering

There are very few topics and techniques that amateur mixing and mastering engineers will avoid out of the sheer complexity and thus confusion.  One of them is stereo bus compression and auxiliary bus compression. Today our goal is to remove this shroud of mystery so all of us can enjoy the fruits of this advanced […]

Studio Subwoofers: All You Need to Know (and More…)

Saturday - Apr 22, 2017 Mixing & Mastering

There’s nothing that can match the mind-bending power of deep bass. Its sheer might is a big reason why we still shell out absurd amounts of money to see an action movie in the theater (which is crazy expensive now even if you don’t shell out the cash for popcorn and a soda!). It also manages to make […]

Delay & Echo: A Guide to Using Time-Based Audio Effects

Tuesday - Mar 21, 2017 Mixing & Mastering

Everyone loves delay.  One of the first effects pedals a guitarist goes after is a delay.  The first thing a kid does on his family trip to the Grand Canyon is scream "Hello?" and wait for the response to come bounding back. Delays and echoes are not only pleasurable but they're a great way to […]

Subtractive EQ vs Additive EQ in Mixing

Monday - Jan 23, 2017 Mixing & Mastering

Since you're reading this you're likely familiar with the issue, but for the sake of those fortunate enough to not have dealt with it, let's explain the typical conversation surrounding this topic. It always boils down to some variation of: Cut instead of boost. Attenuate instead of amplify. Never add when you can subtract. People […]

Mixing with EQ: 23 EQ Tips to Sculpt the Perfect Sounding Song

Sunday - Dec 11, 2016 Mixing & Mastering

But all of these knobs and settings are staring back and grinning, daring you to even try to understand what they do. Have no fear.  With these 23 EQ tips, you'll have a broad overview of what the knobs do and what must be done for your music to rival the professional mixes.  It's nowhere […]

10 Compression Myths & Mistruths

Thursday - May 26, 2016 Mixing & Mastering

Most of us in the recording industry have a solid understanding of how compressors work.  We know how to tweak the settings to achieve our goals in a mix.  But even the most well-informed of us are hanging on to some misconceptions about the technical aspects of how these crazy machines function. Let's start with […]