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The Best Guitar Amps: 6 Hot Rockin' Face-Melters!

Wednesday - Sep 13, 2017 Gear Reviews

Click here to jump straight to the reviews! If you've just bought yourself your first electric guitar, you're probably in that state of excitement that's hard to describe. The truth is, that's only the beginning. Now it's time to find yourself a good amp that'll really show you the sounds your brand new six-string is […]

How to Achieve Low Audio Latency While Recording

Monday - Sep 11, 2017 Studio Recording

Let's say you're an accomplished guitarist who has been playing live for nearly a decade, ripping improvised solos alongside your band mates in your city's most celebrated cover band. You realize you don't want to pretend to be a member of Talking Heads for the rest of your life, so you bring it up to […]

How to Sell Beats Online & Work Your Way Up to Pro Placements

Friday - Sep 1, 2017 Beat Production

By virtue of being able to make beats, the instrumentalist in the rap and R&B community brings a boatload of skills to the table that provide a sharp advantage to being seen and earning an on-going passive income. The producer must do everything the vocalist does in order to gain success, but they get the […]

The Best Acoustic Electric Guitars: Loud & Refined

Thursday - Aug 31, 2017 Gear Reviews

Click here to jump straight to the reviews! Even though acoustic guitars haven't really changed much in the past century, modern technology did have an impact on these instruments. When the first guitar pickups were invented, it didn't take long before someone tried to find applications for this technology in the world of acoustic guitars. […]

The Best Classical Guitars: Our Fave Nylon String Beauties

Wednesday - Aug 23, 2017 Gear Reviews

Click here to jump straight to the reviews! In this day and age, classical guitars have taken the back seat to electric and steel string acoustic guitars. However, there are indications that this old instrument is rising again in popularity. For anyone who truly appreciates guitars, that's good news because a classical generates some of […]

The Best Beginner Guitars For Easy Learning

Tuesday - Aug 22, 2017 Gear Reviews

Click here to jump straight to the reviews! Learning to play guitar is a pretty intimidating concept. In most cases, the person thinking about getting into guitars has never really had extended or informed contact with musical instruments before.  Which is fine, that's how we all start. Although understanding the basics of a guitar is […]