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So your album is recorded and you’re ready to get out there and perform it live! But wait, how do you get gigs? What should you bring to be prepared and what will the venue provide? What should you expect from the crowd? We’ll explain all of this and more. When you’re done reading this and our other columns, you’ll have the most charismatic band in town. Now take it national!

13 Stage Presence Rules That Capture & Enrapture Your Audience

Updated: Gigs & Live Performance
stage performance tips

Stage presence is the core variable that determines if someone will spread the good word about your performance after the show, or tell their buddies not to bother next time you're in town. "The band was really sucking that night and I don't even like that genre of music, but man, the vocalist was the most enthusiastic and funny person ever. It's worth seeing them […]

Managing Stage Fright: Does Practice Make Perfect?

Updated: Gigs & Live Performance
performance anxiety

Anxious music students and seasoned performers are often asked, “How long do you practice every day?” Having treated many performers with stage fright, it is important to take a closer look at this question. The answer is not a simple number of hours (or, in some cases, minutes) that one practices, or even how carefully one practices. Yes, careful and mindful practice is important. Nervousness […]

Vocal Warm Up Exercises for Singing

Updated: Gigs & Live Performance
how to warm up your voice for singing

There are countless occupations that ask for you to put your best voice forward. From singers, actors, and radio personalities, to teachers, salesmen, and almost any other professional... it's not only what you say but how you say it. The key is preparation through vocal warm up exercises. Confidence and trust arises out of consistent daily practice and pre-performance warm up routines. Knowing your material […]