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Top 10 Best-Selling Albums of All Time

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best-selling albums of all time

This list of the best-selling albums of all time has more to it than you'd might think. Record labels and artists often post much higher claimed sales than can be certified by companies like Nielsen SoundScan and the RIAA. If those claimed sales aren't even remotely similar to those collected by the certification-awarding companies, they weren't included. There's also situations where double-length albums count as […]

Top 10 Best Movie Soundtracks of All Time

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best movie soundtracks of all time

Choosing the best movie soundtracks of all time was a hard task, so we developed a system to help us score them. First and foremost, they had to easily come to mind. If you have to go searching for what to include, then that doesn't deserve a slot. We then combined a few factors. One was that the songs themselves had to be great in […]

Top 10 Best Music Documentaries of All Time

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best music documentaries of all time

It was a challenge to choose the top 10 best music documentaries of all time, but we got it done. While there are many worth seeing, these represent the cream of the crop and the recommended place to start viewing them. If you're still excited for more documentaries about music after chewing through this list, then we have a handful of runner's up and some […]

Top 10 Best Musicals of All Time

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best musicals of all time

You'd think this isn't that popular of a discussion but I can't count how many times I've argued about which are the best musicals of all time. We generally all agree on the same batch, but it's the order in which they rank, particularly the top three, where the real conversation begins. As you read this list, you'll undoubtedly find some of your favorites and […]

Top 10 Best Movies About Music

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top 10 best movies about music

There's nothing worse than wanting to watch one of the best movies about music but all you can find is the same old films. There are so many "decent" music movies out there that the great ones can get lost in all of the noise. So what we're doing here is giving you the top 10, then five runner's up if you've seen all the […]

What Does an Audio Engineer Do, Make, & How Do I Become One?

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audio engineering

Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. In this article, we’ll explain in detail what an audio engineers is, how much their skills net on the market, and how you could take the first steps in becoming an audio engineer as a career. What is an Audio Engineer? Audio engineers and sound engineers are the masters of audio hardware and software that is used during the […]

The Types Of Music Majors, Degrees, & Programs in College

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music majors degrees and programs

The problem is that some students get confused about which types of music majors or degrees to pick and which one will best prepare them for their desired career. Music majors and degree options vary from one university or college to the next. While some are quite general, others are highly specialized. You should only choose the specialized ones when you are sure of your […]

The Best Music Production Schools & Colleges to Gain True Skills

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music production schools

A recording artist can only do so much to create an inspiring sound, but it’s the music producer who brings it all together and makes it harmonious. And they're skills are largely gained at one of the best music production schools in the nation. Music production is one of the most exciting career fields you can enter. The creativity and thought process involved with engineering […]

The Best Audio Engineering Schools & Colleges to Learn & Network

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audio engineering schools

Although it can be challenging to choose the best audio engineering school or college for you, given the plethora of options available to you, don’t let the options overwhelm you. Instead, let yourself be excited about the multiple choices — you’re that much closer to achieving your sound engineering or music producing dreams than you realize. Before you make a decision, make sure you have […]

Top 10 Best Bands of All Time

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best bands of all time

The conversations around ranking the best bands of all time are opinion-based, but we've boiled it down so that it's at least based on the opinions of hundreds of millions of people. We can crowdsource that info based on things like sales, tours, and awards won. While there might be a consensus this way, we all know the average person couldn't explain to you the […]

Top 10 Best-Selling Artists of All Time

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best-selling artists of all time

Many of these discussions are opinion based and lead to fun arguments, but listing out the best-selling artists of all time is fact based. There's no negotiating or convincing involved, because we've tracked the numbers (for the most part). There are some older band and artist names listed here that won't surprise you, but some of them will make you think "how in the world […]

Top 10 Best Drummers of All Time

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best drummers of all time

What music fan hasn't had a discussion, let alone a full blown argument, about who all makes the list of the best drummers of all time? It's that time again and I'm ready to fend off your emails, because we undoubtedly qualify these musicians based on different factors. Some people only care about technical ability, while others value simplicity with perfect timing. I know someone […]

Top 10 Best Bassists of All Time

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best bassists of all time

Musicians have talked about this forever, even falling into full blown arguments. And that's "Who makes the list of the best bassists of all time?" It's a fun discussion because everyone qualifies musicians in different ways. For instance, some people care about technical skill and music theory abilities. Others care about which bands the bassists were in and who had the most mass appeal. Some […]

Top 10 Best Guitarists of All Time

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best guitarists of all time

Every rock fan, let alone guitar players around the world, have this argument at least once a month, and that's "who are the best guitarists of all time?" The problem is everybody has preferences and different definitions as to which skills are the best to have. Some people like shredding while others like slower and more melodic playing. Some want to see the fundamentals mastered […]

Top 10 Best Singers of All Time

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You want to be sure to start an argument with passionate musicians? Ask them who belongs in the top 10 best singers of all time list. Given enough time you'd come up with at least 50 names because so much of it comes down to taste and preference. Fortunately, because so many of us have voiced our opinions we can tell which vocalists have the […]

Top 10 Best Hip-Hop Producers of All Time

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best hip-hop producers of all time

The age-old question every rap fan talks about all the time... "Who are the best hip-hop producers of all time?" It matters because the backing beat is the foundation of the rap song. Many times, having access to these supreme beat producers can make or break a career. Like our list of the best rappers of all time, this list isn't a popularity contest. There's […]

Top 10 Best Rappers of All Time

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best rappers of all time

Every rap fan has had this conversation... heck, it's probably exploded into a full blown argument. And that's "Who's makes the list of the best rappers of all time?" Everyone has an opinion and it's usually based on popularity instead of skill. This list doesn't care about who's popular. It doesn't give bonus respect points to those who are old school. It doesn't matter who […]

What's the Difference Between an EP & LP Album in Music?

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what is an EP? what is an LP?

Understanding the difference between an EP and an LP in depth means digging into the history of the music industry a bit. It's really quite interesting, and we'll do that but first I'll answer the questions outright. As a fan or curious searcher, you want the quick answer. As anyone involved in the music industry, you're going to want to know the full details, because […]

Best DAW: Choosing the Digital Audio Workstation That Fits You

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digital audio workstation

You can ask 100 professionals which is the best DAW and get at least 10 different answers. That's not because there's a ton of equally good choices out there, but because each is created with certain industries and genres of music in mind. In the past some of these costed an arm and a leg and required a dongle proving you paid for their giant […]

The Best Free Audio Editing Software: Simple & Complex Options!

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free audio editors

Free audio editing software made me into the man I am today. Of course, I jest, but the truth is that if they weren't available to me when I first got started then I'd have never gotten started. There were two main reasons. First, I wasn't going to shell out big bucks for a professional-grade audio editor when I was simply curious about the process. […]

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