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Should I Upgrade My Mastering Equalizer?

Updated: Q & A

A fun question came in yesterday regarding upgrading a mastering equalizer. EQ's are always used in mastering, and while this question asked about specific models, I couldn't help myself but offer my opinion on EQ's in this capacity in general. Special thanks to the readers who have emailed in with corrections and suggestions regarding ways […]

Kendrick Lamar's Pulitzer Prize Makes History for Rappers

Updated: Industry News

History was made today as it was announced that Kendrick Lamar, an intellectual rapper from Compton, California who made his rise through the ranks a reality around 2014, won the first ever Pulitzer Prize awarded to a rapper. Kendrick's Pulitzer Prize As a matter of fact, he's the first musician to win that wasn't a […]

The Barrel Organ Lives on Like a Smooth Criminal

Updated: Culture

In our recent foray of covering weird and uncommon instruments, we've touched on a couple of instruments related to the barrel organ. While they all function based on pre-determined music programmed out on a roller, some of them work like a harp or piano with strings being struck while others resemble a kalimba with tines […]

The Aztec Death Whistle Will Give You Horrific Nightmares

Updated: Life

The Aztecs made countless types of noisemakers and musical instruments. Using clay, sugar cane, turkey feathers, ores, frog skins, and much more, they were able to create sounds to be associated with many life events. They had conch shells for ceremonies, ocarinas for making animal grunts to attract deer, flutes for traditional music entertainment. Some […]

The Sharpsichord - A Giant, Solar-Powered Pin-Barrel Harp

Updated: Life

What happens when you give a quirky inventor $126k to invent an instrument? This... Henry Dagg is a sculptor who was commission by the English Folk Dance & Song Society for the hefty sum of £56,000 to invent three art installations relating to music and sound. Not one to be limited by such a pittance […]

The Glass Armonica Makes "The Sound of Angels Singing" 

Updated: Interesting

The glass armonica is, essentially, a series of spinning bowls. They are different sizes, and make different sounds when you rub your finger along the side of them while they spin like some musicians do with wine glasses. Don’t let the simplicity of explaining it take away from the patience and skill it takes to […]