Beat Production

Instrumental producers are notorious for making due with what they have, whether that’s equipment, skill, or knowledge. You’re here now, and this is your chance to gain a competitive edge over everyone else and start getting your beats placed on major label albums. Apply the info in our other columns and you’ll be unstoppable.


How to Sell Beats Online & Work Your Way Up to Pro Placements

Updated: Beat Production
sell beats online

By virtue of being able to make beats, the instrumentalist in the rap and R&B community brings a boatload of skills to the table that provide a sharp advantage to being seen and earning an on-going passive income. The producer must do everything the vocalist does in order to gain success, but they get the compounding benefit of the vocalist doing it a second time […]

Bass Programming Tips for MIDI & Synths

Updated: Beat Production
bass sequencing tricks

Bass programming is my second favorite part of making beats right after the drums.  Laying down the initial, fundamental groove of the song helps the rest of the process move along without any problems. And that needs to be the order of operations: Bass then drums or drums then bass. The problem is most of us are going to have a real hard time dealing with the […]

10 MIDI Programming & Sequencing Tips

Updated: Beat Production
10 midi tips

There's nothing better than MIDI for getting ideas out of your head quickly and accurately. The faster you can do this without the distractions of tinkering with hardware and software, the better.  Staying in the left-brain mode can be the difference between a #1 hit and a dud. When it's time to pump out a beat and the ideas are rolling, the last thing you […]

5 Tricks to Bring Your Drum Programming to Life

Updated: Beat Production
drum programming on fire

There's a ton of advice out there being spewed every time someone asks "How do I program realistic drums?"  The answers are always the same... Learn how a real drummer drums Use real drum samples instead of synth-based Layer your sounds on top of each other Yeah yeah yeah.  Here's the problem with that nonsense.  Knowing how a real drummer swings his sticks tells you nothing […]

Dubstep Maker: The Software & Video Tutorial You Need

Updated: Beat Production

My brother and I finally set out to making another rap album just for fun between ourselves, and I had always promised myself that I'd make a dubstep beat for us to drop some phat rhymes over.  It's been at least five years or so since dubstep made a large splash in the states and gained popularity.  And it took about that long for companies to […]

How to Sample Like the East Coast Producers

Updated: Beat Production
pile of records

There's nothing like hearing a track with the perfect set of samples looped in.  When done right, you can even make a name for yourself.  Look at guys like Kanye West, the RZA, the Alchemist, Just Blaze, and on and on.  They made their name as sample based producers and are now either at the top of the rap game, becoming actors while doing soundtracks […]

Your Beats Are Boring and Here's Why

Updated: Beat Production
help my beats are boring

Not a day goes by where I don't hear some non-hip-hop listener say something stupid like, "Listen to this crap.  I could make this beat!  There's nothing to it.  I ought to be a millionaire."  If you dig into the online beat making community for even ten minutes you'll realize that a lot of these haters actually attempt to become producers, along with other aspiring […]