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The reader base here at LN has been wonderful in reaching out to us to offer corrections, say thanks, and to ask compelling questions.  Some of these questions warrant substantial answers that are helpful to all of us.  We’ll share those here.  If you have a question, send it on in!  One day you might find it here in the Question & Answer section of the Ledger Note Blog.

Can I Lay My Monitors Down Sideways Instead of Vertical?

Monday - Sep 18, 2017 Q & A

Today's question relates to a common discussion online that rarely ventures into a real answer.  For some reason, there are a lot of people who are convinced that it's a matter of preference, when this couldn't be any further from the truth. Please don't hesitate to email us with any questions of your own, as […]

Where Do Audio Latency Delays Come From?

Sunday - Sep 17, 2017 Q & A

We received a question recently that made us realize that we hadn't covered the topic of audio latency.  Not only had we not covered it clearly, but we hadn't touched on it at all.  And that explains why we received a question that didn't really make sense.  You'll see why as we correct the misconception […]

Gain Staging Explanation Through Hardware & Software

Thursday - Jul 13, 2017 Q & A

When we got this question, it was another in a string of emails asking for more information about gain staging.  It's something we've mentioned a lot in the Studio Recording column but hadn't dedicated a full article to it.  We since then have written a full investigation into the concept (linked below), but here's the […]

Does All of This Info & Gear Apply to Podcasting?

Wednesday - Jul 12, 2017 Q & A

The world of studio recording equipment is confusing to the uninitiated trying to get a foothold, and with manufacturers marketing their gear differently to outsiders, it's no surprise that we received this week's question about podcasting... And thanks to Calvin, Justin, Jason, Andy, Doug, Shawn, Dominic, Daniel, Jamieson, Gabrielle, Anthony, Zaiden, and James for the positive […]

Mixing Saxophone for Perceived Power & Clarity

Tuesday - Jul 11, 2017 Q & A

We've been receiving a lot of emails from users lately, but not questions. Thankfully, several have been corrections for errors spotted in our articles, which we always appreciate.  But in the meantime we did collect several solid questions, one of which we want to share here for the benefit of everyone.  Let's get right to […]

How Do We Calculate the First Reflection Panel Wall Position?

Thursday - Feb 9, 2017 Q & A

We received a fantastic question dealing with one of my own favorite topics, that of acoustic treatment.  Unfortunately, buying or building it isn't enough.  You have to know where to place it on the wall if you want it to do its job the best it can.  And that takes a little math... As always, […]