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The reader base here at LN has been wonderful in reaching out to us to offer corrections, say thanks, and to ask compelling questions. Some of these questions warrant substantial answers that are helpful to all of us. We’ll share those here. If you have a question, send it on in! One day you might find it here in the Question & Answer section of our blog.

How Do Analog Stereo Compressors Work?

Updated: Q & A
analog stereo compressors

I've over simplified the question in the title above about stereo compressors, but that gets to the essence of the discussion between myself and a smart gentleman, who I thank for sending in such a high quality set of questions. Thanks to all of the people writing in. We can't get back to everyone, but we're doing our best. We're performing triage over here, so […]

Guitar Amp Mic Post-Processing During Mixing?

Updated: Q & A
mixing guitar amplifier microphone recording

We received a very insightful question recently that requires some critical thinking to explain the answer. You'll enjoy this guitar amp mic one if you like puzzles, especially as a studio engineer and/or guitarist. As always, let me thank a couple readers for their help. Frederick notified us of an error in our mp3 compression article and Pepsy supplied us with a picture we needed […]

Can I Use Direct Monitoring With an Audio Interface?

Updated: Q & A
direct monitoring

A friendly fellow sent in a wonderful pre-purchase question about direct monitoring that I'm sure many other newcomers to the audio interface world are curious about too. It's a fun ride, so please read along as we learn about... Before you even read this, you can rest easy knowing it had a happy ending: "I purchased the unit. Aside from an issue where I had […]

Should I Upgrade My Mastering Equalizer?

Updated: Q & A
equalizer upgrade

A fun question came in yesterday regarding upgrading a mastering equalizer. EQ's are always used in mastering, and while this question asked about specific models, I couldn't help myself but offer my opinion on EQ's in this capacity in general. Special thanks to the readers who have emailed in with corrections and suggestions regarding ways to expand older articles. Although I failed to take note […]

Can We Mix the Kick Drum & Bass in Stereo?

Updated: Q & A
kick and bass

A fantastic email came in today that was so good that I dropped everything else I was doing to address the question at hand regarding stereo bass. The question involves the information found in one of our most popular and earliest articles called Mixing Bass and Kick for Low-End Balance. With nearly every genre now emphasizing the low-end to drive the groove and create the […]

How to Set Up Your Audio Interface to Record Audio

Updated: Q & A
audio interface recording

Our most recent question that was generalizable enough to benefit the entire community is a very fundamental hurdle that nearly everyone runs into: how to use an audio interface. Being a musician usually involves learning an instrument and some music theory, of course. But rarely do we anticipate needing to learn our way around computers to enhance our hobby. And that's what happens when you […]

What Do Speaker Spikes Actually Do & Do I Need Them?

Updated: Q & A
spikes for speakers and stands

We received a question recently that nearly drove me bonkers as I started to think more about it. I had formulated and sent my own answer back before reading some opinions on a few audiophile forums. Let's just say I'm not surprised to have read professionals in that crew stating the exact opposite conclusions from the same set of facts. Audiophiles don't exactly operate in […]

How Long Does it Take to Develop Calloused Guitar Fingers?

Updated: Q & A
how long to grow guitar calluses

Most of the questions we receive usually reveal a gap in our content and today's question was no different. What we did manage to do this time was publish a full length post related to the growth of calloused guitar fingers before we managed to post the Q&A itself. If you want the long explanation, you can find that here: How to Build Guitar Calluses. […]

Why Are Some Guitars More Expensive Than Others?

Updated: Q & A
expensive guitars

A reader recently asked the question "What makes a guitar expensive?" that seems obvious on the surface until you realize you haven't really considered the details. We all tend to brush questions like these off, as if "well, duh, because they're better" is a sufficient answer. That's actually a non-answer and we'll have none of that here! So let's get to the bottom of why […]

How Does a Guitar Tone Knob Work?

Updated: Q & A
tone knob

There's nothing like diving head first into a new instrument. We're all as familiar with each various instrument as anyone else, but once you start studying one you realize how much you took for granted. What seemed obvious isn't so clear cut. And that's where the author of today's question finds himself: "What does a tone knob do?" I love these kind of questions because […]

Can I Lay My Studio Monitors Down Sideways Instead of Vertical?

Updated: Q & A
sideways monitors

Today's question about having your studio monitors on their side relates to a common discussion online that rarely ventures into a real answer. For some reason, there are a lot of people who are convinced that it's a matter of preference, when this couldn't be any further from the truth. Please don't hesitate to email us with any questions of your own, as long as […]

Where Does Audio Latency & Microphone Delay Come From?

Updated: Q & A
audio latency delays in milliseconds

We received a question recently that made us realize that we hadn't covered the topic of audio latency. Not only had we not covered it clearly, but we hadn't touched on it at all. And that explains why we received a question that didn't really make sense, related to microphone delay. You'll see why as we correct the misconception and explain latency in haste. You […]

Gain Staging Explanation Through Hardware & Software

Updated: Q & A
gain staging explanation

When we got this question, it was another in a string of emails asking for more information about gain staging. It's something we've mentioned a lot in the Studio Recording column but hadn't dedicated a full article to it. We since then have written a full investigation into the concept (linked below), but here's the shorter version of how we explained it to Hechter. Please […]

Does Studio Recording Equipment Apply to Podcasting?

Updated: Q & A
podcasting recording equipment

The world of studio recording equipment is confusing to the uninitiated trying to get a foothold, and with manufacturers marketing their gear differently to outsiders, it's no surprise that we received this week's question about podcasting... And thanks to Calvin, Justin, Jason, Andy, Doug, Shawn, Dominic, Daniel, Jamieson, Gabrielle, Anthony, Zaiden, and James for the positive comments. There were too many to post here in […]

How to Mix Saxophone for Perceived Power & Clarity

Updated: Q & A
saxophone mixing

We've been receiving a lot of emails from users lately, but not questions. Thankfully, several have been corrections for errors spotted in our articles, which we always appreciate. But in the meantime we did collect several solid questions, one of which we want to share here, basically asking how to mix saxophone. Let's get right to it! As always, a special thanks goes to Brigitta […]

How Do I Keep My Apartment Neighbor From Hearing My Subwoofer?

Updated: Q & A
subwoofer neighbor noise complaint

Ah, the classic concern of good music-loving neighbors everywhere: "Can I use a subwoofer in my apartment without getting a noise complaint from my neighbors?" The fact that you're asking this first before you just start bumping the bass is fantastic, because it means you have a chance to be proactive about it. If you live in an apartment, condominium, townhouse, duplex, or any other […]

How Do We Calculate the First Reflection Panel Wall Position?

Updated: Q & A
acoustic treatment panel position

We received a fantastic question dealing with one of my own favorite topics, that of acoustic treatment. Unfortunately, buying or building it isn't enough. You have to know where to place it on the wall if you want it to do its job the best it can. And that takes a little math, especially with the first reflection zone... As always, we shout out some […]

Where Should I Start Learning Music Theory?

Updated: Q & A
music theory

We received a great question from a decent producer, who like many of us started out in rhythm based genres that don't demand a ton of music theory knowledge. But he's ready to expand his skill set... where should he start learning music theory? In addition, we want to give mad props and say thanks to DonSuite, a composer who had this to say: Yours […]

My Rode Procaster Setup Levels are Too Low & I Need More Gain!

Updated: Q & A
rode procaster levels

Among the recent questions we've been helping readers out with, there were a couple very technical ones. Here is one regarding the Rode Procaster setup and getting enough gain out of your preamp... We like to shout out the good people that we talk to, even if we don't use their questions for one of these posts. Thanks to William for a great discussion about […]

How Do I Link & Monitor the Signal Chain While Recording?

Updated: Q & A
signal chain levels

Today's question is an interesting double dose of technical information that's not obvious to anyone who hasn't had the experience of tinkering around with all of the professional hardware and software we use during studio recording. A special thanks goes out to Martin for finding an error in a post about acoustic treatment. Let's hop into our questions: How Do I Link & Monitor the […]