Studio Recording

Operating a recording studio can be a nightmare of the uninitiated. But don’t worry. All you need to know about using all of that complicated studio equipment can be found here, from cabling and signal chains, to mic positioning and acoustic treatment. Put this together with info from our other columns and you’ll have more clients and projects than you can handle!

How to Achieve Low Audio Latency While Recording

Monday - Sep 11, 2017 Studio Recording

Let's say you're an accomplished guitarist who has been playing live for nearly a decade, ripping improvised solos alongside your band mates in your city's most celebrated cover band. You realize you don't want to pretend to be a member of Talking Heads for the rest of your life, so you bring it up to […]

Gain Staging - Levels are Everything for High-Resolution Recordings

Wednesday - May 31, 2017 Studio Recording

It's hard to blame musicians for not having a perfect gain stage... Most have never even heard of this aspect of signal processing. Ignorance won't save you though.  It's either done right or you've compromised your ability to have the highest quality song at the end of the day. Your gain matters at every step, […]

Instrument Miking Techniques & Tips to Capture Your Best Sound

Sunday - May 28, 2017 Studio Recording

There's a danger to studio recording and mixing the results.  We all fall prey to using our eyes instead of our ears.  It's simply a part of how our brains are wired and how we survived all this time. But the beasts of the recording jungle, your clients and audience, will eat you alive if […]

How to Use a Patchbay

Wednesday - Apr 19, 2017 Studio Recording

So you finally got sick of climbing behind your desk or wiggling under your rack to change your audio signals' path through your now giant recording gear collection. I don't blame you. The dust, the spiders, the cat hair, and other surprises aren't worth the trouble, especially when there's an affordable and genius solution on […]

Open Back vs Closed Back Headphones

Tuesday - Aug 30, 2016 Studio Recording

There's so much more to the story when it comes to choosing a set of headphones.  If you score even a higher tier of consumer level headphones then that's about all you'll need.  They'll have a 1/8th inch headphone jack and probably a 1/4 inch adaptor.  You can plug them into your smart phone or […]

Condenser vs Dynamic Mics: 10 Myths Busted!

Wednesday - Aug 24, 2016 Studio Recording

Some of these issues are flat out mythology and categorically false, while others are true in some applications and false in other scenarios. No wonder there's a lot of contradiction to be found on message boards and websites.  Couple that with people pretending to be more knowledgeable than they are and others simply parroting bad […]