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The 10 Richest Country Singers in the World and Their Net Worth (2023)

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top 10 richest country singers in the world

The new data is out! You may not see huge shifts in the list of the top 10 richest country singers in the world due to some established giants, but we've dropped some artists out and added new ones. This is more interesting than the usual static list where everyone just earns more money due to investments and new businesses. And that's one of the […]

Mick Jagger Net Worth (2023)

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Mick Jagger is Worth $520 million Mick Jagger is one of the richest musicians in the world. Name Mick Jagger Other Name(s) Sir Michael Philip Jagger Net Worth $520 million Birthday 26 July 1943 Birth Place Dartford, England Star Sign Leo Height 5'10 Mick Jagger is a name synonymous with Rock and Roll. As frontman of The Rolling Stones, one of the greatest bands of […]

Toby Keith Net Worth (2023)

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Toby Keith

Toby Keith is Worth $370 Million Name Toby Keith Other Name(s) Toby Keith Covel Net Worth $370 Million Birthday July 8th, 1961 Birth Place Clinton, Oklahoma Star Sign Cancer Height 6ft 2’ (190cm) When it comes to modern country music, Toby Keith, with the trademark sincerity of his lyrics, and undeniable songwriting chops, is never far from the conversation. Since his emergence in the mid-nineties, […]

Top 10 Father-and-Daughter Dance Songs (2023)

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Even the most hard-hearted of us can enjoy a wedding. How often do you get to spend the day celebrating the love between two people you care about. How often do you have an excuse to clean yourself up, put on your best suit or dress, and spend the day eating, drinking, and dancing. It has the makings of a day that can only be […]

Snoop Dogg Net Worth (2023)

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Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is Worth $150 Million Name Snoop Dogg Other Name(s) Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., Snoop Doggy Dogg, Snoop Lion Net Worth $150 Million Birthday 20 October 1971 in Long Beach, CA Star Sign Libra Height 6ft 4 (193 cm) One of the most famous rappers in the world, a giant of the entertainment industry and a household name to boot, we've dedicated a lot […]

Kanye West Net Worth (2023)

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Kanye West Is Worth $500 Million Name Kanye West Other Name(s) Ye, Kanye Omari West Net Worth $500 million Birthday June 8, 1977 in Atlanta, GA Star Sign Gemini Height 5ft 8 (173 cm) Early Life Kanye West was born on June 8, 1977, in Atlanta, Georgia. He grew up in Chicago, Illinois, with his mother, Donda West, who was a professor of English at […]

Dolly Parton Net Worth (2023)

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Dolly Parton Net Worth

Dolly Parton's Net Worth Is $675 Million Name Dolly Parton Other Names The Queen of Country, Dolly Parton Net Worth $675 million Birthday January 19, 1946 in Pittman Center, TN Zodiac Sign Capricorn Height 5'0" Early Life Dolly Parton was born in Sevierville, Tennessee, on January 19, 1946. She was the fourth of twelve children born to Robert Lee Parton, a tobacco farmer, and Avie […]

Paul McCartney Net Worth (2023)

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Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney is Worth $1.2 Billion Name Paul McCartney Other Name(s) Sir James Paul McCartney, Paul Ramon, Bernard Webb, Fireman, Apollo C. Vermouth, and Percy "Thrills" Thrillington Birthday June 18, 1942 Birth Place Liverpool, England Star Sign Gemini Height 5 ft 9 1/2 (176.5 cm) Sir Paul McCartney is an undisputed music icon. His fame comes not only from his days in the world-famous band, […]

Garth Brooks Net Worth (2023)

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Garth Brooks is Worth $430 Million Name Garth Brooks Other Name Troyal Garth Brooks Net Worth $430 million Birthday 7 February 1962 in Tulsa, OK Star Sign Aquarius Height 6ft (182 cm) It’s always important to keep up to date with who’s who in the country music world and since we recently updated the list of top richest country singers, it’s time to take a […]

Top 10 Best Bassists of All Time (2023 Update)

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best bassists of all time

Musicians have talked about this forever, even falling into full blown arguments. And that's "Who makes the list of the best bassists of all time?" It's a fun discussion because everyone qualifies musicians in different ways. For instance, some people care about technical skill and music theory abilities. Others care about which bands the bassists were in and who had the most mass appeal. Some […]

Top 10 Movies About Music (2023 Update)

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top 10 best movies about music

It can be incredibly frustrating when you want to watch a film about music but can only find the same old titles. There are so many "decent" music movies out there that the great ones can get lost in all of the noise. So we're presenting you with the top 10, six runners-up, and a bunch of honorable mentions. You'll undoubtedly find something new to […]

The 10 Bestselling Artists of All Time (2023 Update)

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best-selling artists of all time

Many of these discussions are opinion-based and lead to fun arguments, but listing the bestselling artists of all time is fact-based. There's no negotiating or convincing involved because we've tracked the numbers (for the most part). There are some older band and artist names listed here that won't surprise you, but some of them will make you think How in the world did they pull […]

Top 10 Best Piano Players in the World (2023 Update)

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best piano players

When it comes to who to include in our top 10 best piano players in the world, I think you'll agree with who is included, both modern and a little less recent. That's a fairly objective decision to make. But it's the order of their ranking that you'll want to argue about. Obviously the skill level matters, but you might judge a certain strength as […]

Top 10 Best Music Documentaries of All Time (2023 Update)

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best music documentaries of all time

It was a challenge to choose the top 10 best music documentaries of all time, but we got it done. While there are many worth seeing, these represent the cream of the crop and the recommended place to start viewing them. If you're still excited for more documentaries about music after chewing through this list, then we have a handful of runner's up and some […]

Top 10 Best Bands of All Time (2023 Update)

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best bands of all time

The conversations around ranking the best bands of all time are opinion-based, but we've boiled it down so that it's at least based on the opinions of hundreds of millions of people. We can crowdsource that info based on things like sales, tours, and awards won. While there might be a consensus this way, we all know the average person couldn't explain to you the […]

Top 10 Best Movie Soundtracks of All Time (2023 Update)

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best movie soundtracks of all time

Choosing the best movie soundtracks of all time was a hard task, so we developed a system to help us score them. First and foremost, they had to easily come to mind. If you have to go searching for what to include, then that doesn't deserve a slot. We then combined a few factors. One was that the songs themselves had to be great in […]

Top 10 Best-Selling Albums of All Time (2023 Update)

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best-selling albums of all time

This list of the best-selling albums of all time has more to it than you'd might think. Record labels and artists often post much higher claimed sales than can be certified by companies like Nielsen SoundScan and the RIAA. If those claimed sales aren't even remotely similar to those collected by the certification-awarding companies, they weren't included. There's also situations where double-length albums count as […]

Top 10 Best Movie Scores of All Time (2023 Update)

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best movie scores of all time

Like everything, boiling it down to the top 10 best movie scores of all time requires a balance between objectivity and subjectivity. There are some that are clearly better than others, but our own tastes come into play as well. It can't simply be that the music is good. It has to create an effective atmosphere for the movie scenes, emitting the right emotions for […]

Top 10 Best Drummers of All Time (2023 Update)

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best drummers of all time

What music fan hasn't had a discussion, let alone a full blown argument, about who all makes the list of the best drummers of all time? It's that time again and I'm ready to fend off your emails, because we undoubtedly qualify these musicians based on different factors. Some people only care about technical ability, while others value simplicity with perfect timing. I know someone […]

Top 10 Best Harmonica Players of All Time (2023 Update)

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best harmonica players

It wasn't hard to choose who to include in our best harmonica players list. Frankly, there's not that many contenders, so I'm sure we agree here. Where we could potentially argue is the order in which they appear. Here, to even make it into the list the harmonicist must have top-level skills. But then we also mixed it up a bit by considering their creativity […]