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The 10 Fastest Rappers of All Time: Unleashing Verbal Velocity

BARCELONA - MAY 25: Wu-Tang Clan band, performs at Heineken Primavera Sound 2013 Festival on May 25, 2013 in Barcelona, Spain. Consists of rappers RZA, GZA, Method Man, Raekwon and Ghostface Killah.

There are all kinds of rappers these days, giving identity to a genre by by breathing into it new sounds and styles. Sometimes wrongly dismissed, demeaned, or defined in one aspect by non-believers, the heads know that rap is a broad church. In this article, we’ll take a look at the congregation as they spew lightning-speed rhymes and jaw-dropping flows. It’s the ultimate showdown of lyrical velocity—the 10 Fastest Rappers of All Time! So throw on something you can move in and get ready, we’re heading to the block for a workout.

10. Ocean Wisdom: The British Bullet

Flow Style: Swift Creativity

Although not as storied or globally dominant as its U.S. counterpart, the U.K. rap scene has been going strong for a number of years now, creating a hip-hop sound distinct from the grime scene that dominated the early 2000s.

Kicking off our speedster parade is none other than the British rap tornado, Ocean Wisdom. Hailing from Brighton, a city more famous for its trip-hop and dubstep artists, this guy spits rhymes at a pace that could leave your head spinning if you’re not prepared. Boosting a clear appreciation for the old school boom-bap productions, ‘Wizzy’ is not afraid to update the sound. His debut single “Walkin'” is like a verbal marathon, and was charted as having more syllables per second than Eminem’s statement “Rap God” on release. You might need an oxygen tank to keep up. His flow, while dizzyingly quick, is also notably clean. The man for sure says an awful lot, but it’s all worth listening to. 

9. Twisted Insane: The Rhyme Cyclone

Flow Style: Hyperactive Speed

Twisted Insane isn’t just a name; it’s a lifestyle. This dude doesn’t rap; he unleashes a linguistic hurricane on every track. With a rapid-fire delivery that sounds like a Gatling gun, Twisted Insane is a force to be reckoned with in the fast rap universe. Check out “The Chop Shop” for a crash course in his breakneck speed and mind-bending wordplay. We mean what we say about a lifestyle, Twisted Insane makes moves almost as quickly as he spits. Having released a stunning 15 studio albums between 2006 and 2023, he also founded a record label Brainsick Muzik to handle recording and distribution of his own output, as that of the other rappers he signs.

A major proponent of the ‘chopper’ style of hip hop, Twisted Insane was introduced to a wider audience in 2011 with a feature on Tech N9ne’s song “Worldwide Choppers” alongside fellow famous choppers Twista and Busta Rhymes (more on them later).

8. R.A. The Rugged Man: The Verbal Virtuoso

Flow Style: Authentic Gruffness

Rappers don’t get much more underground than the Rugged Man, a legend of the scene since the late ’90s. His output has been patchy, though, throughout his career, which has featured several shelved projects and label bust-ups. The one thing that has never been in doubt is the man’s chops, which have earned him the respect of his fellow artists, as proven by those willing to lend a hand on his 2020 album All My Heroes are Dead, including Chuck D, Ghostface Killah, Ice-T, to Immortal Technique.

R.A. The Rugged Man isn’t just rugged; he’s rap’s answer to a verbal virtuoso. Known for his lyrical dexterity, R.A. spits rhymes like a seasoned wordsmith on a caffeine binge. His track “Definition of a Rap Flow” is a masterclass in intricate rhyme schemes and rapid-fire delivery. Brace yourself; R.A. is about to take you on a linguistic roller coaster.

7. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Flow Style: Melodic Harmony

Despite boasting a much more mellow sound than most of the artists on this list (the ‘Harmony’ in their name is there for a reason) this group’s hip-hop bona fides are beyond question. If being discovered by gangsta-rap progenitor Eazy-E in a storied backstage audition process and signing for Ruthless Records weren’t enough, they later featured on tracks by Biggie and Tupac in the same year.

We can’t talk about fast rappers without giving a nod to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. These harmony maestros brought a unique twist to fast-paced rhymes, blending rapid flows with an ear for a melody more in keeping with their R&B contemporaries. Tracks like “Tha Crossroads” showcase Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s ability to seamlessly combine speed and soul. This is fast rap with a difference, using technique to uncover new ways to complement the rhythm of the song.

6. Tech N9ne: The Midwest Chopper

Flow Style: Rapid Precision

When trying to get a sense of how a hip-hop artist wants to be perceived, it’s worth paying attention to their name. With that in mind, imagine the single-mindedness involved in naming yourself after a semi-automatic pistol prominently linked with gang culture and several high-profile U.S. shootings. Meet Aaron Dontez Yates, a.k.a. Tech N9ne.

Tech N9ne, the Midwest Chopper, delivers a tornado of syllables every time he hits the mic. Known for his unique flow and intricate rhyme schemes, Tech N9ne is a heavyweight in the fast-rap game, helping to popularize ‘chopping’ as a distinct style of rap through tunes like “Worldwide Choppers”, a masterful collaboration that showcases Tech N9ne’s ability to keep up with the best of them. This chopper doesn’t just fly; it soars.

5. Daveed Diggs: The Broadway Bullet

Flow Style: Rhythmic Eloquence

One of the best things about rap and hip-hop culture is the focus on progress and innovation. There is always someone looking to push the scene forward in their own style. Daveed Diggs is one of the more unique examples of the last decade. As well as his involvement with the Broadway sensation Hamilton, in which his rap chops were on full display, he is also the visionary MC behind the group clipping. Never an act to trouble the mainstream, clipping. are an experimental group that have tackled everything from horrorcore to sci-fi epics in inimitable style.

From the Broadway stage to the rap scene, Daveed Diggs is a force of nature. It’s no surprise, considering his role in Hamilton, that Diggs brings a theatrical flair to his rapid-fire rhymes. “Guns and Ships” from Hamilton is like a lyrical sprint, and Diggs shows that he’s not just a Broadway star; he’s a rap virtuoso. His flow is faster than a New York minute.

4. Tonedeff: The Multisyllabic Maestro

Flow Style: Versatile Speed

Speaking of innovators, inventors, and groundbreakers, let’s take a look at Tonedeff, who has been making moves since he gained underground notoriety as a battle rapper par excellence. As likely to give props to Tori Amos as he is Common, this is an artist with no fear when it comes to crafting hip hop from his perspective, whether creating his own music or working with longtime collaborators such CunninLynguists.

Tonedeff isn’t just a rapper or boss of QN5 Music, he’s a multisyllabic maestro conducting a symphony of words. This wordsmith’s ability to pack intricate rhyme patterns into his verses is nothing short of genius.  If you have yet to check him out, I’d say it’s time you got ready for an auditory experience that’s as complex as it is fast.

3. Eminem: The Rap God

Flow Style: Intense Storytelling

For those of us old enough to remember Eminem’s breakthrough as a skinny wild-eyed kid who always felt a little too slick, a little too clever, a little too good for the establishment to keep up, his graduation to elder statesman can still be a little jarring. But here we are. A man whose career can be charted through his various alter egos has sidestepped today’s white hot limelight, allowing him the freedom to prove that he never stopped being hungry, and rightly claiming the title of Rap God, an honorific he bestowed upon himself 10 years ago now. It’s fair to say that between his major-label debut, The Slim Shady LP in 1999 and Encore in 2004, there are very few parallels for the sway he had over pop culture. Eminem’s speed and precision on the mic are legendary. “Rap God” is not just a song; it’s a declaration. Em effortlessly switches between speeds, leaving aspiring rappers scratching their heads in disbelief. With a career that spans decades, Eminem’s place in the rap pantheon is secured by his lyrical prowess and unparalleled speed.

2. Busta Rhymes: The Lyrical Cyclone

Flow Style: Vigorous Complexity

Check this for an origin story: Busta was ordained by none other than Chuck D while his group Leaders of the New School were opening for Public Enemy in the ’90s before breaking out on the Tribe Called Quest classic cut “Scenario”. He then went solo. Early Busta is a world away from the tongue-twisting megalith of today, leaning on his Jamaican heritage to infuse his bars with a unique style. That being said, he is known primarily these days as a ‘chopper’ a rapper prioritizing breakneck vocal acrobatics.

Busta Rhymes, the man with a voice that can shake the ground and rhymes that can break the sound barrier. From his early days with Leaders of the New School to his solo career, Busta has been a lyrical cyclone tearing through the rap landscape. “Break Ya Neck” is an anthem of speed, and Busta’s delivery is so rapid, it’s like he’s in a hurry to rewrite the record books.

1. Twista: The Chi-Town Tornado

Flow Style: Speedy Haste

The first name in fast rap, the top spot on our list could only be given over to the first name in fast rap, the undisputed king of speed: Twista, the Chi-Town Tornado.

Since being entered into the Guinness Book of Records all the way back in 1992, Twista has been doing it longer and faster than most, enjoying a previously unthinkable spell at the top of the charts after hooking up with a young Kanye West back in 2004. This dude’s rapid-fire delivery is so fast; that you might need to play his tracks in slow motion to catch every word. In “Adrenaline Rush”, for example, he seems like he’s racing against time to drop every syllable imaginable. Twista’s legacy as the fastest rapper is etched in the annals of hip-hop history.

Take a breath. You’ll need it. I hope you enjoyed our supersonic block party. When it comes to a discussion of the fastest rappers in the world, it can be easy to get bogged down in metrics such as syllables per second, but frankly, we wanted to present 10 artists worthy of your attention perhaps for more than just their vocal acrobatics. From the outside to the underground to the top of the charts, these guys represent rap as a demonstration of undeniable skill as well as artistic expression.

#Name of the ArtistFlow Style
1TwistaSpeedy Haste
2Busta RhymesVigorous Complexity
3EminemIntense Storytelling
4TonedeffVersatile Speed
5Daveed DiggsRhythmic Eloquence
6Tech N9neRapid Precision
7Bone Thugs-N-HarmonyMelodic Harmony
8R.A. The Rugged ManAuthentic Gruffness
9Twisted InsaneHyperactive Speed
10Ocean WisdomSwift Creativity