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As more and more people have become fans of LedgerNote, we’ve received quite a few questions about various topics, but certain questions have continued to pop up again and again. Let’s save everyone a little time and lay them out below:

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a broad question, there’s a chance that appears in this list. If not, please feel free to contact us!

1. What is a LedgerNote?

On a musical staff, there are five lines and four spaces, arranged on the bass clef or the higher treble clef. When notes are needed that simply don’t fit into this neat little package, you have to employ the use of ledger lines to extend the number of lines and spaces available. The notes that fall on these ledger lines are ledger notes.

ledger notes

LedgerNote, like its namesake, refuses to be normal, mediocre, and confined to a pre-constructed box. While “other notes” follow boring convention, LedgerNote is all they are and much more.

2. How is this site organized?

One of our main goals from the outset was to create the most simplified way of navigating the site. We decided upon four main options all to be found in the menu at the top of the page:


LedgerNote is an online magazine, and like all print magazines we have what are commonly called “cover articles” or “main features.” That’s what these are. At times our Features are in-depth and casually academic articles spanning the breadth of a large topic, or sometimes they are deeply involved journalistic endeavors filled with interviews and breaking news. They very well will break from these two molds here and there as well. These are the big boys.


The music industry is a broad beast. Our Columns are organized in a manner to help make sense of it all. Certain columns will largely be lead by one columnist, such as the Guitar Guru, while others will have contributions from many authors. All of the articles within a column are hyper-focused on smaller topics within each, ultimately amounting to a library of vast knowledge on the subject matter. This is the area of the site you go to learn about your specific passion or profession.


What’s the point of a magazine that doesn’t have shorter and quippy content to entertain you when you just have a few minutes to fill? That’s what the Blog is for! We settled on 13 main categories that break the posts up in a way to match your current mood. Want to laugh? Need some inspiration? Want to discover new artists? We’ve got you covered at the blog.


In our countless cumulative years inside studios, on the stage, in high school marching band, and earning music-related college degrees, we have been privileged to extensively use nearly every piece of popular music gear available. We continually purchase or are exposed to new models being released, and are not shy about giving our opinions on each. This is what you find in our Reviews section.

3. I’m looking for (insert piece of gear here). Have you reviewed it?

We do, in fact, review every piece of gear we get ahold of and have time to put through the paces. Hopefully this will include what you’re looking for. While we can’t respond to the specifics of this question every time we get asked, we can point you to the two places you can find the answer.

great river mp-2nv

The fastest way is to use the search function in the top menu on the right. The second best is to read the Reviews column, where we collect all of our in-depth and insightful opinions on the facts surrounding the equipment. Just remember, gear is no replacement for practice!

4. Will you feature my band, album release, new mixtape, etc?

Maybe. Probably not. It totally depends on what you send our way to share with the readers, but in general it’s not the type of content we publish. Use the contact page to let us know what’s going on in your world and why you think we should feature your music. Link us to your website and any other useful materials like YouTube videos. Please don’t be offended if we don’t include you on the site immediately. We can’t accept everyone (we get asked several times daily) and those we do have to stand in line. Let us know if it’s time sensitive, though, and we’ll see what we can do.