Solo Slugs! The Mind of the Lead Guitarist

An oft wondered phenomenon in the music universe is "What the fack is up with lead guitarists' faces during solos?!?"

We know all of the magical ritiuals surrounding solos.  For instance, you must hold your breath during a guitar solo, out of respect for the guitarist but also so you aren't cursed for eternity.  You know, basic stuff, duh.

The lead guitarist reaches into realms unseen to summon forth the power of the muse during the improvised dark arts of the solo.  What was seen was hitherto unknown to mere mortals, assumed only to be evil likened unto Cthulu or Nyarlathotep themselves.

The truth is much more dark... more sinister than could have ever been imagined.

Trigger Warning: What is seen cannot be unseen.  Proceed with caution.

For the first time ever, Ledger Note breaks the veil and reveals the truth of the soloists facial expressions...

The Guitar Solo Slugs!

steve vai slug

Steve Vai recoils from his heavy burden

dimebag darrell slug

Dimebag Darrell of Pantera courageously strums his overlord

katy perry slug

Legendary guitarist Katy Perry takes ANOTHER one for the team (Illuminati)

ronnie wood rolling stones slug

Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones grimaces before the beast

slash guns n roses slug

Slash of Guns N Roses still plays with his food

dave grohl foo fighters nirvana slug

Dave Grohl painfully suckles his spirit familiar

john mayer slug

"The shit I put up with..." - John Mayer

dave mustaine megadeath slug

Dave Mustaine of Megadeath reaps his "reward"

ace frehley kiss slug

A surprised Ace Frehley of Kiss pierces the veil for the first time

jimi hendrix slug

Jimi Hendrix is too high to notice

muse matt belamy slug

Matt Belamy of Muse shreds his custom built gastropod mollusk

ac dc angus young slug

Angus Young of AC/DC peppers his young angus

james hetfield metallica slug

James Hetfield of Metallica in terror of his lord and savior

eddie van halen slug

Eddie Van Halen receiving his psychically transmitted "improv"

bruce springsteen slug

Bruce Springsteen just washed this shirt, dammit!

bb king slug

B.B. King training his new slug

carlos santana slug

Even Metatron can't save Carlos Santana from his destiny

prince slug

Prince pissed that the slug used all his lip gloss

For all that is good and holy, I pray our heroes find release from this source of inspiration and suffering.  With great power comes great responsibility.  We all have our cross to bear... you wouldn't believe the crap that drummers have to deal with.

Share this with your guitar brethren and let them know, they aren't alone.  We now know... and regret.  If but we had the strength to deny the power of the solo and the guitar solo slugs!