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Where Should I Start Learning Music Theory?

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music theory

We received a great question from a decent producer, who like many of us started out in rhythm based genres that don't demand a ton of music theory knowledge. But he's ready to expand his skill set... where should he start? In addition, we want to give mad props and say thanks to DonSuite, a composer who had this to say: Yours are the first […]

The Rode Procaster Levels are Too Low & I Need More Gain!

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rode procaster levels

Among the recent questions we've been helping readers out with, there were a couple very technical ones. Here is one regarding getting enough gain out of your preamp for a troublesome mic. We like to shout out the good people that we talk to, even if we don't use their questions for one of these posts. Thanks to William for a great discussion about the […]

How Do I Link & Monitor the Signal Chain While Recording?

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signal chain levels

Today's question is an interesting double dose of technical information that's not obvious to anyone who hasn't had the experience of tinkering around with all of the professional hardware and software we use during studio recording. A special thanks goes out to Martin for finding an error in a post about acoustic treatment. Let's hop into our questions: How Do I Link & Monitor the […]

How Should I Use This Alternative Acoustic Treatment Insulation?

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acoustic treatment insulation

Today's question-giver has found a great local source for rigid fiberglass for acoustic treatment. But will it meet the needs for producing professional quality music? Let's find out. Special thanks goes to Eric for correcting us on some details about the LA-2A compressor, one of the best and historically important important compressors out there. It's important to get it right, so thanks again to Eric. […]

Is There a Go-To Procedure For Mixing Songs?

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Of the many questions we've received lately, three of them featured a similar theme, The Order of Operations, either in the question or in our answer. Here they is the first in full for the benefit of the entire community: Special thanks goes to Artur for taking the time to say shoot us this kind email: Dear LN, Thank you very, very much for sharing […]

Acoustic Treatment: Where Does the Absorbed Sound Go?

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acoustic treatment friction heat

Today we received a common question that gets asked by the insightful, but not scientifically inclined members of the music community: That's a really clever question. Another way of asking it is 'How does acoustic treatment work?' We have the quick and easy answer for you right here. Where Does Absorbed Sound Go in Acoustic Treatment? Question: I was thinking about how sound bounces off […]

How Does MP3 Compression Work?

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How does MP3 compression work? That's a common question that deserves a fast answer. I actually searched around the net before sitting down to write this and noticed that everyone was writing novels about the topic but nobody could explain it in a quick, normal-person manner. So here we go! "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C. Clarke For most of […]

Are Expensive Studio Cables Worth the Money?

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are expensive audio cables worth it

Are these crazy expensive studio cables worth the cash? How come I can buy a Livewire XLR cable for a literal fraction of the price of a Monster cable? And then I see these ridiculous audiophile cables asking a thousand dollars or more for a single cable? What's the deal? Do they actually produce better quality audio? It all boils down to some folks not […]

The In-The-Box vs. Outboard Mixing Squabble

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in the box mixing versus outboard gear

A lot of us take the art and science of mixing and mastering music very seriously. Most of us focus on one thing: the quality of the outcome. Who cares how you do it as long as the end result rocks, right? NOPE. People like drama. People like to be different and unique. People also experience confirmation biases, placebo effects, and flat out just have […]