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Matt McGuire Shows Skrillex & Rick Ross What's Up!

Monday - Jan 16, 2017 Talent

When the Skrillex & Rick Ross single Purple Lamborghini came out, I couldn't stop listening to it.  The video was cool with tons of visually appealing swagadelic bossness.  Rick Ross did his thing (I love how much he lays back on the beat). But it was Skrillex with his drum production and arrangement that once […]

The Curse of the 27 Club

Friday - Jan 6, 2017 Interesting

Chance?  Conspiracy?  Synchronicity? These are words tossed around by those of us in the know who want to get to the bottom of this mystery.  Why have so many musicians fallen to the curse of... What is the 27 Club? During a tumultuous time for music when artists were again using their voices for social […]

Oscilloscope Music - Visual Signals & Songs

Friday - Dec 30, 2016 Science

One thing a lot of studio engineers and musicians don't realize is that all of shit "mixing gear" isn't just that. The signal processing trade serves a lot of various industries, from music, radars, the medical field, and even nuclear physics.  Just like mixers, other engineers need to clean up their electric signals to separate the […]

Mixing Procedures, Recording Chains, & Acoustic Treatment

Saturday - Dec 24, 2016 Q & A

Of the many questions we've received lately, three of them featured a similar theme, The Order of Operations, either in the question or in our answer.  Here they are in full for the benefit of the entire community: A special thanks goes out to those listed here, as well as Martin for finding an error in […]

Instant Karma: Staind, Christina Aguilera, & the National Anthem!

Saturday - Dec 17, 2016 Funny

As John Lennon once wisely told us: "Instant Karma's gonna get you, gonna knock you right on the head!" And that's precisely what happened to Aaron Lewis, the singer from Staind. Hey, Aaron.  How do you like your justice served?  Scrambled or fried? Christina Aguilera Flubs the National Anthem Now look, seriously... I can't even […]

Acoustic Prism Invented - Breaking Sound Into Frequencies

Saturday - Dec 3, 2016 Science

I see this technology completely revolutionizing speaker systems for concerts and arenas... The team over at the École Polytechnique Fédérale Dé Lausanne, a research facility in Lausanne, Switzerland, has invented what's being called an Acoustic Prism. We all played with optical prisms in school growing up.  These were those transparent pyramidal triangles that refracted light, […]