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Kind Lady Helps Man w/ Broken Bike Make it to Dave Matthews Concert...

Sunday - Oct 23, 2016 Life

Twas another hot, slightly overcast day in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Emily Kraus rolled with the windows down, jamming the Dave Matthews Band as she inched closer to the venue... Emily had been a fan of the DMB since the wee age of 9 years old.  When someone's art impacts your life and grows along side of […]

Spotlight: ArcAttack's Tesla Coil Music - They Are Iron Man!

Monday - Oct 17, 2016 Artists

No song could be better suited for such a display of insanity than Ozzy's Iron Man. ArcAttack is a group of eight madmen and one robot pushing the boundaries of music and science.  You've got your founder and frontman Joe who dons the retro-futuristic chainmail / Faraday cage, John the beat maker and graphic designer, and […]

Chap Hop & the Gentleman's Battle Beef

Friday - Oct 7, 2016 Satire

Most of you likely have never even heard of Chap Hop, let alone realized there's already a feud amongst the two leaders of the rap sub-genre. This feud is between Professor Elemental and Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer, already leading to battle tracks and disses in various songs. Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer (Left) & […]

Zildjian is One of the Oldest Companies In the World!

Tuesday - Sep 13, 2016 Interesting

Anyone even slightly familiar with music instruments knows about Zildjian.  Their name is synonymous with the cymbals that can be found on almost every drum set you come across.  That's amazing and is likely due to one of the most interesting facts about them... Beyond totally dominating an entire sector of the music instrument industry... The […]

The ScrubBoard Returns with Guitar Loops & Scratching!

Tuesday - Aug 30, 2016 Tech

The last time we visited Jeremy Bell & his ScrubBoard he was working on demoing the added rocker to his DJ scratching device from the retro-future. The ScrubBoard's Evolution Now, not only has he put together a more refined product, but he's stepped up his own ScrubBoard game!  Jeremy hit us up to tell us […]

Acoustic Treatment: Where Does the Absorbed Sound Go?

Thursday - Aug 11, 2016 Science

This is a common question that gets asked by the insightful, but not scientifically inclined members of the music community: "So where does the absorbed sound go in acoustic treatment?" That's a clever question.  We know that the entire reason we need acoustic treatment is because sound bounces around off of the walls in the […]