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Carrie Underwood’s Net Worth (2023)

Carrie Underwood’s Net Worth is $140 Million

Carrie Underwood’s story is that of a small-town Oklahoma girl who steps onto the “American Idol” stage and, with a killer voice and a big dream, wows us all. She’s the girl next door who turned an appearance on a reality show into a fantastic career. This superstar isn’t just killing it in music, she’s nailed it in fashion and even sports endorsement, and has racked up $140 million as of 2023.

Since her fairytale beginning in 2005, Underwood hasn’t stopped slaying it, capturing our hearts with her powerful voice and lovable personality. After killing her debut single, “Inside Your Heaven,” she made a comfy spot for herself in the country music scene, pretty much sealing her spot as the “Idol” alum we can’t ignore.

NameCarrie Marie Underwood
ProfessionSinger, Songwriter, Entrepreneur
Net Worth$140 Million
BirthplaceMuskogee, Oklahoma, USA
BirthdayMarch 10, 1983
Height / Weight5’3” / 117 lbs
Relationship StatusMarried

From Childhood Dreams to Spotlight Moments: Carrie’s early career and breakthrough

Born on March 10, 1983, in Muskogee, Oklahoma, Carrie Marie Underwood was the youngest of three sisters and loved the farm life in nearby Checotah, where she was raised. Amid the cozy country settings and massive farm fields, her passion for music was ignited. Local shows near her home gave her a stage, and it was clear from the get-go: this girl could sing. When she was just 14, she almost inked a deal with Capitol Records, but a management revamp at the company threw a wrench in that plan.

But, Carrie was no quitter. She shrugged it off, strapped on her study boots, and went off to Northeastern State University. She walked away in 2006 with a B.A. in Mass Communications in one hand and summa cum laude honors in the other. Yet, she always had her eyes set on a career in music. So, in 2004, she mustered up the courage and auditioned for the fourth season of “American Idol”.

With her voice and sweet demeanor, she won the judges over. And the audience? They loved her! Heck, the entire country did. So, it wasn’t surprising when she snagged the crown in 2005. She entered the limelight instantly and was gifted a juicy recording contract with 19 Recordings/Arista Records.

But Carrie was not one to rest on her laurels. She released her debut album, Some Hearts, later that very year. It sparked a frenzy, peaking at No. 2 on the Billboard 200, and selling a whopping seven million copies. Her track, “Inside Your Heaven”, surged up the charts, taking the No. 1 spot and warming the hearts of all its listeners. This was the whirlwind start to her fame ride, thrusting the talented small-town girl into the limelight that only a lucky few get to bask in.

Striking Gold in the Music Industry: Carrie’s revenue streams

Country queen Carrie Underwood sure knows how to turn success on the music stage into an overflowing bank account. Thanks to her “Idol” win and the release of Some Hearts, Carrie was able to take to the road and forge a new stream of income through concert tickets.

Take her 2016 “Storyteller” tour, for example, which knocked it out of the park at an incredible $58.1 million. And then there was the 2019 “Cry Pretty” tour, which rocked a solid $50 million. She clearly knows how to shine on stage, and her fans love to attend and be a part of the magic.

Our star is also cashing in on some nifty music side-gigs. She’s the one belting out the “Sunday Night Football” theme tunes. With the TV gig depositing $1 million in her wallet every week, Carrie makes $18 million each season. Not only has this gig proven lucrative, it ensures her voice reaches millions of people every Sunday night during prime-time.

Diversifying Her Empire: Carrie’s alternative revenue streams

Carrie Underwood isn’t just about killer vocal chords, she’s got some serious business skills, too. Not one to just rely on her music money, she’s been a wizard in snagging some seriously great side hustles to line her pockets even more.

Back in 2015, she dipped her toes into the fitness world and dropped her lifestyle clothing brand called CALIA. The label, crafted to be stylish both in the gym and on a grocery run, took off fast and shot some major extra bucks her way. Be that as it may, she decided to step away from the brand near the end of 2021.

Then sports drink brand Bodyarmor caught sight of the massive cheer squad behind our country music queen. In a game-changing move in 2021, she became their first-ever celeb endorser. Not just that, they even handed over a slice of their profit pie to her, so every bottle sold equals more dollars for Carrie.

A Luxurious Lifestyle: Carrie’s notable possessions and charitable endeavors

Though a country-music queen, Carrie Underwood feels more at home on the ranch. That’s why, in 2011, she and husband Mike Fisher dropped some serious cash on 354 acres of pure wilderness south of Nashville, Tennessee. They even splurged and later acquired an extra 50 acres nearby. They also sold their old ranch in Brentwood, Tennessee, for $1.41 million to fund a mansion on this sprawling land, moving in in 2019.

Despite the change in address, Carrie still kicks it old school with her ’05 “American Idol” victory ride, a Ford Mustang Convertible. Just goes to show, despite being able to buy pretty much any car she wants, she’s got a soft spot for this classic all-American car.

Carrie, though, is not all about swanky possessions. She’s also all about spreading the love. She founded the C.A.T.S. Foundation back in ‘09. They’re all about supporting great causes like music education, tech in schools, and being tight with animals in her Oklahoma hometown. Even more recently, her 2021 online jam, “My Savior: Live From The Ryman”, managed to drum up more than $112,000 for the non-profit group Save the Children.

Gaining A Teammate: Carrie’s personal life

Cupid had his arrow ready for Carrie and NHL star Mike Fisher in 2008. They dated, got engaged after a year, and made us all swoon with their red-carpet debut at the 2010 Grammys. They tied the knot that same year and headed to Tahiti for a dreamy honeymoon.

A few years later, the Fisher team added a few players. Their first son, Isaiah Michael, joined in 2015, with baby brother, Jacob Bryan, following in 2019. Carrie often shares these precious family moments, like Isaiah crushing it on her 2020 Christmas album and his sports debut in 2021.

The path to motherhood hasn’t been covered in rose petals, however. Before welcoming Jacob, Carrie faced the heartbreak of three miscarriages, sharing this painful experience with us all.

Scary for Carrie: Her major events

Though she is the sweetheart of country pop, Carrie sometimes finds herself in sticky situations.

Back in 2019, Carrie got into a legal showdown with some songwriters who claimed she and her team had ripped off their song for the “Sunday Night Football” theme tune. The plaintiffs dropped the lawsuit later that year.

Carrie also suffered gut-wrenching accident back in 2017. Mere days after owning it at the ACM Awards, she took a nasty fall outside her Nashville home that resulted in a broken wrist and 40–50 stitches to her face.

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