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Jojo Siwa’s Net Worth (2023)

Jojo Siwa’s net worth is estimated at $25 million.

Jojo Siwa is the total package. Reality star, singer, dancer, entrepreneur—you name it, she does it. For those who don’t recognize the name, you might recognize Jojo as the girl with the sparkly hair bows. But we admit, that description does her a disservice. She’s a multimillionaire at just 20 and is reportedly worth around $25 million.

Of course, she didn’t just wake up one morning and become a millionaire. Every penny of Siwa’s fortune is a tribute to chasing dreams, working hard and never giving up. Jojo’s amazing talents and her sparkly, larger-than-life personality have won the hearts of millions across the globe, who jam to her music, race to her concerts and covet her fashion style. All these lines of work have built an empire for Jojo and have given her a wealth that leaves many of us gobsmacked.

NameJoelle Joanie Siwa
ProfessionReality star, Singer, Dancer, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist
Net Worth$25 million
BirthplaceOmaha, Nebraska, USA
BirthdayMay 19, 2003
Relationship statusSingle

Jojo’s Early Life, Budding Career & Breakthrough Moment

Unicorn-loving diva Jojo Siwa was born, bright-eyed and bow-tied, on May 19, 2003, in Omaha, Nebraska, to Jessalyn and Tom Siwa. Her mom, a professional dance instructor, got Jojo twirling, inciting a love of dance in her daughter, and voila, Jojo’s first steps into the limelight were taken.

Under her mom’s watchful eye, Jojo soon started busting some seriously impressive moves. At only nine years old, she showed the world what she was made of, becoming a finalist despite being the youngest contestant on Abby Lee Miller’s “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition”. Though she got booted off in week 9, Jojo made people sit up and pay attention. It didn’t take long before she was trying out for Miller’s “ALDC” dance competition team in 2014.

In 2015, Jojo was killing it on the “Dance Moms” stage, showing off those bedazzled hair bows and all that jazz; however, her big moment didn’t come on the dance floor. It came the following year when Jojo dropped “Boomerang”, a banger of a track about online bullying. The tune went viral, racking up more than 950 million views and five million likes. Its success got her recognized as Breakout Artist of the Year by Vivid Seats in 2018.

Jojo Siwa’s Music Hustle: Where the Real Dough Comes From

Forget the sparkly outfits, snazzy dance moves, and contagious tunes. The big bucks certainly roll in for Jojo Siwa, thanks to her main hustle: music. Sure, she might have stepped into the limelight with her dancing gigs and reality TV stints, but her real cash cow? It’s all about her tuneful career. And let’s be honest, much of the money was generated by the success of her big hit, “Boomerang”.

Not only did “Boomerang” place Jojo atop the music charts across the globe, but it also cemented her as an outstanding influencer for the young ones out there. With a powerful message against cyberbullying to boot, the track quickly became a fan favorite to the tune of 980 million views and more than 5.2 million likes since its drop in May 2016.

Jojo’s made some serious waves as a live act, too. Her “D.R.E.A.M: The Tour”, launched in 2019, was a total hit, pulling in an impressive $26.9 million. With fans packing her concerts, Jojo experienced an influx of riches. And as she blazed through global venues, it was clear: Jojo’s music career was a legitimate moneymaker

Branching Out: Jojo’s Alternative Revenue Streams

Apart from her skills in music and dancing, Jojo’s got an entrepreneurial brain that’s continually seeking different ways to stack up her earnings.

In 2016, Jojo teamed up with everyone’s go-to accessory hotspot, Claire’s, to create an incredibly snazzy range of hair bows. These rad bows were a staple in her wardrobe and soon became the talk of the town. You wouldn’t believe how quick these ‘JoJo Bows’ flew off the shelves! Unsurprisingly, they became an absolute must-have for school kids, skyrocketing Jojo’s wealth and popularity.

The burgeoning pop star didn’t stop at hair bows. She diversified her portfolio with an array of merch for her enormous fan base. Jojo’s name is on everything, from nifty clothes and funky shoes to cool home goods and party supplies, even JoJo dolls.

The Glitter Life: Jojo’s High-end Possessions and Philanthropy

Jojo has set up shop in sunny San Fernando Valley, California. In a beautiful neighborhood called Tarzana, Jojo lives in a fancy house shared with her family.

Decked out in style, Jojo boasts a wicked garage. She zips around town in one of her sweet toys, be it the BMW M4 convertible, the Tesla Model X or the stunning white Lamborghini Urus. Aside from being a perfect illustration of Jojo’s fun persona, these cars stand as jaw-dropping symbols of her mammoth worth.

Jojo’s not just about fattening her bank account, she’s got a heart of gold, too. She started the JoJo Siwa Childhood Cancer Foundation, an amazing initiative that spreads awareness and serves as a beacon of hope for kids battling cancer. Donations collected support research initiatives and help families dealing with the disease.

Peeking Into Jojo Siwa’s Personal Life

Behind the big bows and glitter, Jojo enjoys the support of her family, including her parents and older brother Jayden. They have been cheerleading her right from the start. Her mom, a dance guru, set Jojo on her dancing path, while her father, who once popped backs as a chiropractor, now manages the fireworks that is Jojo’s career. Jayden, meanwhile, works in real estate.

And let’s not forget the rainbow in Jojo’s life. In early 2021 Jojo stepped out of the closet on social media to identify as pansexual, though she doesn’t object to the “gay” and “queer” labels. In coming out, Jojo became a mouthpiece for queer voices everywhere. Jojo’s romantic relationships with BFF Kylie Prew and later the viral sensation Avery Cyrus have shown the world that love is indeed love.

Major Events Drawing Jojo Into The Limelight

Jojo Siwa hasn’t just been coasting through her career. There have been quite a few sticky situations that she’s had to handle. From her own product recalls to some weird party scenes, Jojo has kept her cool.

In 2019 her makeup collab with Claire’s caused waves of worry linked to asbestos. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) blew the whistle on Twitter, prompting a since-deleted video response from Jojo in which she addressed the concerns and assured her fans’ safety was of the utmost importance to her.

Then in 2021, Jojo was back in the public’s curious gaze, and not in a good way. News was out that the police and paramedics had crashed a Pride party she hosted because someone may have overdosed on LSD. Fortunately for Jojo, she didn’t face any legal complications, and the entire matter fizzled out eventually.