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The Fifth Beatle: Three Were Close, Clapton Was Moments Away

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fifth beatle

How different would the world be, not just the music world but the literal culture of the planet, had there been a Fifth Beatle? That is a question that has been fantasized about countless times by countless people. "Who would you add to The Beatles?" and on and on. Little do people know that there were several times in the band's history that a fifth […]

Guitar Solo Slugs! The Mind of the Lead Guitarist

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Slash Solo Slug

An oft wondered phenomenon in the music universe is "What the heck is up with lead guitarists' faces during solos?!?" We know all of the magical rituals surrounding solos. For instance, you must hold your breath during a guitar solo, out of respect for the guitarist but also so you aren't cursed for eternity. You can't change the radio station during a solo. You know, […]

Ghostbusters Theme - "I Ain't Afraid of Getting Sued!"

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ghostbusters theme song lawsuits suing

With the new Ghostbusters film announced and on the way, this is as good of a time as any to laugh at one of the classic instances of ridiculousness within the music industry. In 1984, Ray Parker, Jr. topped the charts with his smash hit "Ghostbusters," the theme song from the movie of the same title. It entered the Billboard charts on June 16, 1984 […]

You're a Billionaire! Who Do You Pay to Be in Your Music Supergroup?

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music supergroup

Ahhh yes. This conversation! Every fan of music has spent countless hours over the years asking their buddies and fantasizing about forming their own music supergroup. So the question is... You just won the lottery of 100 billion dollars! You can finally afford to do it: pay your favorite musicians to be in the perfect supergroup! But who is allowed in? I want you to […]

The Role Player's Guide to Choosing a Musical Instrument

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RPG guide to music instruments

My first RPG ever was the original Final Fantasy on the NES, and so without further ado (and with a nod to the Final Fantasy series), we bring you the world's first RPG guide to choosing a musical instrument: Please feel free to post this infographic on your own website using the code below: There are other things than RPGs that musicians (such as Syd […]

Klaatu - The Secret Band as Good as The Beatles

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klaatu band

In September 1976, Capitol Records released a mystery album and let the secret carry itself through word of mouth throughout North America. This initially obscure record oozed of secrecy and inspired vast speculation by everyone in the industry, fans and professionals. What Was So Mysterious? This album hit the scene and as people got their hands on it, they were left scratching their heads. There […]

John Lennon Sketched the UFO Mentioned in "Nobody Told Me"

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nobody told me ufo

In John Lennon's solo song Nobody Told Me, he talks about all of the various scenarios he just wasn't pre-warned about when growing up. From war to mindless mass media, to meaningless interaction and a lack of awareness, he had some insightful points to make about the way we live our lives. Strange days indeed! The Lyric Line That Caught The World's Attention There was […]

Musical Synesthesia - Paintings by Melissa McCracken

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musical synesthesia

I once learned of a condition called synesthesia (by indulging in a large dose of psychedelics, admittedly). That term is a psychology label for the experience of "a crossing of the senses." It happens differently in different people, but the main idea is that you can taste what you see, hear what you feel, see what you hear, etc. It's like your brain totally gets […]

Sakura - Traditional Japanese Song on Koto

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The day I finally discovered what "that song" was, I celebrated. It had haunted me for literal decades. More people have heard the song Sakura Sakura than anyone realizes. Take a quick listen as you continue reading. You'll be like "oh yeah, I've heard this before." I'll show you where you probably know it from as well... About The Sakura Song Take a listen to […]

Archangel Metatron told Santana to Collab with Pop Stars?!?

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santana angel metatron

I don't even know what's going on any more... We all know that Carlos Santana was into some stuff back in the day. He used to eat copious amount of psychedelics and meditate a lot. Heck, I do both of those still to this day. Who doesn't? Big whoop. But Santana was also running around with John McLaughlin trying to assure the world that Guru […]

Bob Marley Shared His Royalties With a Soup Kitchen

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No Woman No Cry Single Record Cover

"I remember when we used to sit in a government yard in Trenchtown." Thus spake the memorable line by Bob Marley in his smash single No Woman, No Cry, arguably his most successful hit ever, though I much prefer Wait in Vain. Who can really even choose a favorite from so many perfect songs over such a long career? If you don't know the song […]

Syd Barrett - First Known Case of HPPD

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syd barrett hppd

Syd Barrett is one of my favorites. I know I'm getting old because people these days are like "What's a Sid Burrutt?" Who Was Syd Barrett? I'll forgive you this time for even asking that question. He was one of the founding members, and the first principal songwriter for none other than "mudda fuddin" Pink Floyd. Yes, before all of the songs you know and […]

Led Zeppelin's Acoustic Environment on When the Levee Breaks

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led zeppelin when the levee breaks drums acoustics

When recording, the wisdom of the ages always says to record in the most dry and controlled acoustic environment possible. Then let the rest be done in post-processing where you can try different options and use the undo button. But the masters of mixing aren't afraid to commit to tape right then and there, and that's exactly what Led Zeppelin did on When the Levee […]

Eric Clapton's Ridiculous Encounter With a Cunning Witch

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eric clapton witch

So... I just finished reading Eric Clapton's autobiography... I don't know what to say. I'll go ahead and make the disclaimer that I love his music, which is why I read his book. There's always that risk of learning too much about the lives, escapades, and personalities of our heroes. It can create disillusionment like it just did for me and Clapton. Because this guy […]

Warning: The Most Dangerously Relaxing Song Ever

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relaxing song

Throw your melatonin in the trash. Pour out that chamomile tea. I'm about to introduce you to the real deal in relaxation. The band Marconi Union collaborated with sound therapists to create the world's most relaxing song. In fact, it's so effective at calming your nerves that the stress specialists who performed the experiments have issued a warning to not listen to it while driving. […]

Top 10 Rap Rock Crossovers & Their Videos

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rap rock crossovers

Over the years, there have been plenty of rap artists who have crossed over and worked with rock musicians. Sometimes... Okay, most of the time... these rap rock crossovers are pretty bad, and often they’re downright cringeworthy. There are, however, some gems out there that everyone should check out from classics that opened up the doors, to some killer new tracks. I've saved you the […]