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The Role Player's Guide to Choosing a Musical Instrument

Tuesday - Aug 25, 2015 Interesting

My first RPG ever was the original Final Fantasy on the NES, and so without further ado (and with a nod to the Final Fantasy series), we bring you the world's first RPG guide to choosing a musical instrument: Please feel free to post this infographic on your own website using the code below: <a […]

Klaatu - The Secret Band as Good as The Beatles

Sunday - Aug 23, 2015 Interesting

In September 1976, Capitol Records released a mystery album and let the secret carry itself through word of mouth throughout North America. This initially obscure record oozed of secrecy and inspired vast speculation by everyone in the industry, fans and professionals. What Was So Mysterious? This album hit the scene and as people got their hands […]

Top 10 Rap & Rock Crossovers

Tuesday - Jan 1, 2013 Interesting

This article originally appeared on Over the years, there have been plenty of rap artists who have crossed over and worked with rock musicians. Sometimes.. Okay,  most of the time.. these crossovers are pretty bad, and often they’re downright cringeworthy. There are, however, some gems out there that everyone should check out from classics that […]