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The 17 Sub-Genres of Dubstep

Thursday - Jan 7, 2016 Interesting

Believe it or not, there's a boatload of sub-genres in Dubstep, which is itself a sub-genre of Drum & Bass.  You could go as far as to call these sub-sub-genres, or as I like to call them: Sub-Dubs. It wasn't always this way.  I blame the advances in computer tech.  Everyone and their mom can […]

The Fifth Beatle: Three Were Close, Clapton Was Moments Away

Thursday - Nov 19, 2015 Interesting

How different would the world be, not just the music world but the literal culture of the planet, had there been a Fifth Beatle? That is a question that has been fantasized about countless times by countless people.  "Who would you add to The Beatles?" and on and on.  Little do people know that there were […]

The Beatles Never Broke Up! Hear Their Most Recent Album: Everyday Chemistry

Monday - Nov 9, 2015 Interesting

I feel so guilty for typing that title.  I feel confused for not knowing which category to place this in.  Here we go... On Sept. 9, 2009 I experienced something that I still am having trouble believing happened to me. I came into the possession of a cassette tape containing a Beatles album that was […]

Ghostbusters Theme - "I Ain't Afraid of Getting Sued!"

Thursday - Sep 17, 2015 Interesting

With the new Ghostbusters film announced and on the way, this is as good of a time as any to laugh at one of the classic instances of ridiculousness within the music industry. The Ghostbusters Soundtrack In 1984, Ray Parker, Jr. topped the charts with his smash hit "Ghostbusters," the theme song from the movie […]

You're a Billionaire! Who Do You Pay to Be in Your Music Supergroup?

Wednesday - Aug 26, 2015 Interesting

Ahhh yes.  This conversation!  Every fan of music has spent countless hours over the years asking their buddies and fantasizing about forming their own music supergroup. So the question is... You just won the lottery of 100 billion dollars! You can finally afford to do it: pay your favorite musicians to be in the perfect […]

The Role Player's Guide to Choosing a Musical Instrument

Tuesday - Aug 25, 2015 Interesting

My first RPG ever was the original Final Fantasy on the NES, and so without further ado (and with a nod to the Final Fantasy series), we bring you the world's first RPG guide to choosing a musical instrument: Please feel free to post this infographic on your own website using the code below: <a […]