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Did 50 Cent Throw the Worst First Pitch Ever on Purpose? (Yes)

This is a strange post to find in here on the LedgerNote blog, but let me explain why it’s here, not only from our perspective but 50 Cent’s as well:

“Never waste a good marketing opportunity.”

50 Cent is a master marketer in terms of never letting the spotlight die if he doesn’t want it to. He’ll fake beef with another rapper, he’ll piss off the IRS by flaunting fake money while eating a popsicle on Instagram, and he’ll purposefully flub his opportunity to throw a first pitch at a Major League Baseball game.

50 cent marketer

Why? Because in the pop music world, just like Hollywood, there is only one currency that matters: Attention. Attention is free marketing.

Nobody ends up remembering the specific “negative event” that happened, but what happens is the name of the artist is burnt into the brain of the gossip and news follower. And that’s priceless.

We literally couldn’t count or even find a record of all of the celebrities, politicians, scientists, presidents, and whoever else that has gotten to throw a ceremonial “First Pitch” at one of the million baseball stadiums out there. Nobody even cares who tossed a good pitch into the strike zone.

But what we can find is an endless number of lists, videos, diagrams, and infographics about the worst first pitchers. And guess who is at the top of all of these lists? Master marketer 50 Cent.

50 cent worst pitch

Ya boi Fiddy was asked to throw the first pitch at the opening Mets versus Pirates game in 2014. He bombed it so bad people still talk about it (like me… right now). It led to a million interviews, news and sports TV stations replaying the pitch over and over again…

You couldn’t pay for that kind of coverage and marketing. He’s been given chance after chance to blow his own cover and admit it was a gag, but he’s never taken off the costume. He’s gone as far as to blame it on a shoulder injury from excessive masturbation. He’s still milking this pitch for all it’s worth.

Look at the names on that chart. You really expect me to believe that Kim Kardashian threw a better pitch than Fiddy?

50 Cent’s Horrible First Pitch Video

Now watch this in action…

Now look at the colorful diagram above. I know it’s hard to read but look way to the left, all off by his lonesome. That’s 50 Cent’s pitch. I’m willing to bet everything that his marketing team even knew what this image looked like and would look like and told him right where to throw the ball.

Right into the gaping empty void near the top left of all of these pictures that would be updated on account of his pitch… “Whoops.” Now they’ll make fun of you and say your name a million times in one day, in front of a worldwide audienc. Oh no!

mets first pitch 50 cent

You smell that? *sniff sniff* Smells like money! Somebody get me a popsicle, stat! Tack another zero onto my net worth, thanks.

Verdict: The Worst Pitch is the Best Pitch!

Call it how you see it. If you think this post is wrong, guess what you’re still doing when you dispute it… you’re promoting 50 Cent (just like he intended). This is the perfect example of a clean, family friendly, and effective publicity stunt, unlike these 8 bad publicity stunts we covered before.