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Gretsch G2622-P90 and G2622T-P90 Streamliner Review

The Gretsch G2622-P90 and G2622T-P90 Streamliner are visually stunning and versatile semi-hollow guitars, balancing classic aesthetics with unique electronics and tonal balance for an authentic Gretsch experience.

Gretsch G2622 Streamliner


Gretsch is one of the oldest and most beloved guitar manufacturers in history. Their history of quality manufacturing in crafting instruments with their own signature is on full display with this easy playing, great looking, feedback blocking semi-hollow body guitar.

Sleek and classic Gretsch aesthetic comes in a variety of finishesSemi-hollow design won’t suit every musical style
Volume controls for each pickup and a master volume let you dial in the sound in ways other guitars don’t offerLaminated maple body and top might be too bright for some guitarists
Broad’Tron pickups sound unique and work well with the body designFeedback is a concern with semi-hollow guitar designs, even with the center block design


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Why We Like It

Throughout the storied history of Gretsch Guitars two things have always rang true – they craft fine instruments with the utmost attention to detail, and they have a very distinct aesthetic. The G2622 keeps this tradition going strong.

It provides a clear, open sound through a combination of deliberately selected tonewoods. The body is 5-ply laminated maple and provides a bright sound with good top end presence. A “thin U” nato, set-neck with 22 medium jumbo frets and 12” radius laurel fretboard round out the high end of the maple body, giving it a good sonic balance. A rounded neck heel makes access to the higher frets comfortable and easy.

The weight-relieved center block is a key element in semi-hollow body guitar design, and the long spruce block that runs the length of the body Gretsch chose for this model provides great feedback rejection. This lets you play at louder volumes, with higher gain settings, and allows more freedom of movement alleviating unpleasant resonance concerns.

When it comes to electronics it offers some interesting ways to dial it in. The Broad’Tron pickups each have their own volume control, and a master tone and volume give you global control.

Sustain isn’t a concern here either for a few reasons. The first is the previously mentioned center block that provides the feedback rejection players need when it comes to higher volume and gain amp settings. Each string requires a different length to resonate properly, and the “V” tailpiece ensures this.

It comes in a variety of finishes like Fireburst, Gunmetal, Burnt Orchid, and Single Barrel Stain that all visually match well with the 3-ply tortoiseshell pickguard. The aged white B/AW/B Purfling binding is one of the most appealing visual elements of this model of Streamliner’s build.



All guitars have limitations and the G2622 is no different. Semi-hollow body guitars have a very particular sound, and due to this they are not the best choice for all styles of music.

Being a semi-hollow, this guitar has a larger body which might make it uncomfortable to play for some. The player’s body size and build as well as hand size all factor into how good it feels to play it. This is true for all guitars, but when it comes to electric guitars it’s especially true for semi-hollow bodies.

The Broad’Tron pickups are a perfect match for this guitar, but you won’t be able to access certain tones from them. They don’t have the “spank” of single coil pickups or the fat aggression of humbuckers. They’re somewhere in between, and while they can do a little bit of both, players that are looking for the distinct sound of one or the other might be disappointed.


The 2622 Streamliner comes in a variety of finishes. Fireburst offers a classic look with darkened edges and brightens as it gets toward the center of the body. Gunmetal is a blue and gray that almost has a pelham blue look. Burnt Orchid is a lavender with a darker, muted tone. And Single Barrel Stain is a charming medium brown that darkens a bit toward the base of the body.

The Gretsch G2622T-P90 Streamliner offers the exact same specifications with a Bigsby vibrato tailpiece. The “T” in the G2622T model stands for “tremolo,” which is another name for a vibrato system. This system allows for pitch bending or vibrato effects while playing.


The G2622 Streamliner offers all of the classic Nashville vibe and looks everyone expects from a Gretsch guitar. The semi-hollow design is sleek, and the combination of the bright and snappy 5-ply laminated maple body with the warmth and low midrange of the nato neck and laurel fretboard provide a nice even tonal balance across the guitar’s frequency spectrum.

Broad ‘Tron pickups give a distinct Gretsch sound that provides bite without being overly harsh or aggressive. An interesting wiring scheme lets you balance the volume of each pickup and then dial in a global tone and volume balance so you can focus on playing without having to constantly twist knobs and tweak controls.

It’s a simple guitar, but it has it where it counts. And that’s what really matters.


  • Body Material: Laminated Mahogany
  • Body Finish: Gloss
  • Neck: Nato, Thin “U”
  • Neck Finish: Gloss
  • Fingerboard: Laurel, 12″ (305 mm)
  • Frets: 22, Medium Jumbo
  • Position Inlays: Pearloid Oval
  • Nut (Material/Width): Synthetic Bone
  • Scale Length: 24.75″ (629 mm)
  • Bridge: Adjusto-Matic™
  • Tailpiece: Gretsch® V-Stoptail
  • Pickguard: 1-Ply Black
  • Pickups: FideliSonic™ 90 (Bridge), FideliSonic™ 90 (Neck)

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