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Close Miking: Why, When, & How?

Monday - Jul 4, 2016 Studio Recording

Everyone has heard of this term.  It's so common that people who have zero clue what they're talking about will offer up the solution: "Just close mic it!" But what does this really mean?  Why was the technique developed?  What does it offer over other techniques such as distance miking?  How do we use it […]

Recording Studio Cables: All You Need to Know

Wednesday - Jun 1, 2016 Studio Recording

"No, no!  Not the Cat-5, bring me the XLR.  No, that's the TRS to TS!  No, not the optical... Nevermind, I'll get it myself." It's easy to get frustrated and have zero tolerance for audio cable confusion, but that was all of us at one time or another.  You have to start at the beginning, […]

What is a Studio Compressor? What Does It Do?

Wednesday - May 25, 2016 Studio Recording

An audio compressor is one of those pieces of gear that everyone tries to get by without for some odd reason.  Guitar players, for instance, feel they should be able to achieve the effect with their fingers.  Vocalists try to do the job of the compressor by moving closer and further away from the mic. […]

What is a Preamplifier? Why Do We Need Them?

Tuesday - May 17, 2016 Studio Recording

It goes like this:  If you're recording with a microphone then you need to use a preamplifier, no questions asked. It is 100% possible to record without one and you have the same percentage of a chance to get horrible results.  The reason I'm so adamant about this is that I recorded my first 30 songs […]

Headroom in Audio Recording: What, Why, & How

Sunday - Feb 21, 2016 Studio Recording

What in the world is headroom?  Why should we care?  Even if we did care, how the heck do we use it? These are the three most common questions surrounding this mysterious topic.  Most people who are trying to record a song aren't interested in perfection, so they just hit the 'record' button and go. […]

Microphone Pickup Patterns: Understanding & Using Directionality

Thursday - Oct 22, 2015 Studio Recording

Imagine this scenario: you have a bluegrass band that has four members and they want to record live with all four members.  So you make them stand at the four points of a square facing each other so they can jive off each other's energy.  You go for close miking on each band member to isolate […]