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The Best Guitar For Metal & A Guide To Amps, Strings, & Pickups

Thursday - Jul 13, 2017 Gear Reviews

Click here to jump straight to the reviews! Metal music has become among the most popular genres in the past few decades. On top of that, we have seen all kinds of new variations and sub-genres hitting the scene, offering a much more diverse selection. If you are just starting to play guitar and you […]

Go Global! Distribute Your Music Online

Monday - Jul 10, 2017 Careers & Marketing

Most musicians want an audience, and many people would love to hear their music (if only they knew it existed). Classically, that's where music distribution came into play, but in the new millennium, that means digital distribution across the internet. Let's look at reasons every musician should be distributing music online. Online distribution is easy […]

The Best Electric Guitar to Keep Beginners Learning & Excited

Tuesday - Jun 13, 2017 Gear Reviews

Click here to jump straight to the reviews! Compared to acoustic guitars, electric ones have been around for a fairly short period of time. We are talking 60 to 70 years of active use. Even so, this instrument has completely changed the way we understand music. The electric guitar's almost unlimited flexibility is exactly why […]

Gain Staging - Levels are Everything for High-Resolution Recordings

Wednesday - May 31, 2017 Studio Recording

It's hard to blame musicians for not having a perfect gain stage... Most have never even heard of this aspect of signal processing. Ignorance won't save you though.  It's either done right or you've compromised your ability to have the highest quality song at the end of the day. Your gain matters at every step, […]

Understanding Mix Bus Compression

Monday - May 29, 2017 Mixing & Mastering

There are very few topics and techniques that amateur mixing and mastering engineers will avoid out of the sheer complexity and thus confusion.  One of them is stereo bus compression and auxiliary bus compression. Today our goal is to remove this shroud of mystery so all of us can enjoy the fruits of this advanced […]

Instrument Miking Techniques & Tips to Capture Your Best Sound

Sunday - May 28, 2017 Studio Recording

There's a danger to studio recording and mixing the results.  We all fall prey to using our eyes instead of our ears.  It's simply a part of how our brains are wired and how we survived all this time. But the beasts of the recording jungle, your clients and audience, will eat you alive if […]