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Mixing with Reverb: How to Use Reverb for Depth Without Creating a Mess

Tuesday - Apr 26, 2016 Mixing & Mastering

Do you ever listen to professional mixes and wonder how in the world they have so many lush reverbs flowing throughout the soundscape, yet everything still sounds crystal clear?  How come you can't achieve the same? The answers are here. Most of the time we jump in, grab a reverb that has a sound we […]

What is Tape Saturation? Which Are The Best Saturation Plugins?

Friday - Apr 22, 2016 Mixing & Mastering

Lots of listeners hear older recordings and realize that something sounds different than the new crystal clear, extremely sterilized, computerized recordings of today.  It's not just a sense of nostalgia.  There is definitely a difference but it's hard to put your finger on it.  Even audiophiles have a difficulty nailing down just what that subtle […]

14 Tips for Recording and Mixing Vocals - The Right Way...

Thursday - Mar 24, 2016 Mixing & Mastering

The two most important aspects to "recording and mixing vocals" is implied in that phrase right there.  There is the recording phase and then there is the mixing phase. When recording, representing your voice in the most accurate and pristine way is about what not to do.  It's a somewhat passive stage where as long as […]

Ear Fatigue Symptoms When Mixing With Headphones & Monitors

Wednesday - Mar 2, 2016 Mixing & Mastering

The whole lot of us are guilty... guilty of not taking care of our ears even though it's our livelihood.  We listen to our favorite records too loud, we go to live concerts without ear plugs, and we sit in movie theaters till our ears bleed and ear drums rupture and the world ends! Okay, […]

Audio Mixing for Dummies

Monday - Feb 22, 2016 Mixing & Mastering

The best way for beginners to start producing acceptable mixes is not to focus on what they should be doing but to simply avoid what they shouldn't be doing.  If you can make it past the handful of mixing mistakes most newbies make, you're no longer a newbie.  And we can get you there in […]

Matching Levels in Home Recordings for Even Playback

Thursday - Feb 4, 2016 Mixing & Mastering

The number one thing that screams "amateur recording" to even the most casual music listener is popping in a CD or loading up some MP3's and having to crank up the volume twice or even three times as far as commercial music.  Then when they forget to turn it back down and destroy their subwoofers […]