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People Like to Sue the Blue Man Group

Big money making artists are ripe for the pickin’ when it comes to idiots wanting an easy pay day. Think about musicians like Michael Jackson, Eminem, Elvis, and on and on. Even the Blue Man Group can’t escape the idiocy.

blue man group sued

Those guys look real malicious, playing around with Nickelodeon Gak and playing PVC pipes like xylophones.

Suing the Blue Man Group

That hasn’t stopped a handful of dummies trying to sue them. I guess they think if you’re willing to paint yourself blue daily you’re a complete mark. However, it takes a true set of boss players to stay on a global tour non-stop. You aren’t getting one over on these guys.

Exhibit A:

In 2008, the Blue Men had this stunt they’d pull where they ask for a volunteer from the audience to come on stage and sit down, then they’d crank his head back and pretend to shove a camera down his throat. Then the jumbo screen would show footage of this camera sliding down the guy’s gullet, jokingly called “The Esophagus Cam.”

So this doofus James Srodon goes on stage, plays along, then goes home and sues the Blue Man Group, saying they shoved a camera down his throat, assaulting him in front of thousands of audience members, and the proof is the played the live footage on the jumbo-tron. Give me a frickin’ break, guy.

The truth is, nothing was shoved down the guy’s throat box. The video playing was a pre-recorded, licensed medical video clip. Duh. Who did this guy think he was fooling? It was so stupid that the lawyer even bailed on the case. Sadly, to avoid having to counter sue and deal with all that stupid crap, the B.M.G. paid the idiot a few dollars to shut up and go away.

blue man group PVC pipes

Exhibit B:

In 2011, the Men in Blue had this weird PVC pipe instrument thing they’d play, it was tuned up I guess. I’ve not seen them live. But it also would shoot blue balls out of it into the crowd.

It doesn’t take a genius to think, “Hey, if we’re going to shoot balls into the crowd, they should probably be soft, light-weight, and probably spongy.” Situation solved, time to shoot some balls around, because everyone will get a kick out of that and it’ll be fun.

Except there’s always one money-hungry idiot out there. A douche named Stan Michelman went to a show, likely with this plan already in his head, and makes the claim that “nobody told the audience they’d be throwing large, plastic or rubber balls at us.” His equally uncool lawyer states:

In an attempt to protect himself Plaintiff extended his left arm in the air to block the ball from hitting him in the face. Plaintiff was not provided advance warning that items would be thrown into the audience, of which he was a member.

God forbid this guy ever go in the ball pool at the McDonald’s playground.

His claim says he suffered shock and injury to his nervous system, great mental and physical pain, nervousness and suffering, loss of past and future wages, and it costed him over $40,000 in medical bills to get fixed up from being hit by what amounts to a Nerf dart. Sounds like a real winner.

Guess what? Like all scumbag operations, they didn’t have their head in the game.

The lawyer missed the deadline to file proof that they had actually served the Blue defendants. He then failed to appear in court and didn’t respond to calls for comments.

leave blue man group alone

Lesson Learned: Don’t Sue the Blue Man Group

It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to realize that the last dudes on the planet you should be trying to mess with are guys willing to run around the globe dressed up and painted as three earless aliens with poker faces that bang on PVC pipes and make more money than which most of us could ever dream.