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Warning: The Most Dangerously Relaxing Song Ever

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relaxing song

Throw your melatonin in the trash. The band Marconi Union collaborated with sound therapists to create the world's most relaxing song. In fact, it's so effective at calming your nerves that the stress specialists who performed the experiments have issued a warning to not listen to it while driving. Seriously. Don't do it. Press play on the video below to listen as you finish reading […]

Top 10 Rap Rock Crossovers & Their Videos

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rap rock crossovers

Over the years, there have been plenty of rap artists who have crossed over and worked with rock musicians. Sometimes... Okay, most of the time... these crossovers are pretty bad, and often they’re downright cringeworthy. There are, however, some gems out there that everyone should check out from classics that opened up the doors, to some killer new tracks. Here’s a look at our Top […]