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Maniacal Marble Music Machine Made by Martin Molin

Monday - Mar 7, 2016 Interesting

The homie Martin Molin is a maniac.  He's a member of the band Wintergatan and inventor of the Marble Machine: We've been watching Martin as he built and revealed each component and how it all came together across his series of videos during the build phase.  But finally... finally he has finished this monstrosity! This […]

Madonna Wanted "Revolutionary" and Got It (Hacker Style)

Saturday - Jan 30, 2016 Interesting

I'm not hating on Madonna.  She knows how to play the media game and stay relevant.  But sometimes that leads to faking the funk and it comes back to bite you. Some groups simply won't welcome a pop star to declare herself the poster child for their movement. The Background Madonner had been working on […]

A Visualization Analysis of the Beatles

Thursday - Jan 28, 2016 Interesting

Adam McCann, super interactive graphic maker, decided to take advantage of the The Beatles' discography making it's way to the streaming services.  This means that he had access to all of the data, including lyrics, release dates, chart toppers, etc. So he hunkered down and created this graphic: (Note, it's purposefully small and static.  You […]

People Like to Sue the Blue Man Group

Sunday - Jan 24, 2016 Interesting

Big money making artists are ripe for the pickin' when it comes to idiots wanting an easy pay day.  Think about musicians like Michael Jackson, Eminem, Elvis, and on and on.  Even the Blue Man Group can't escape the idiocy. Those guys look real malicious, playing around with Nickelodeon Gak and playing PVC pipes like […]

PMRC's Parental Advisory Sticker Abuse

Saturday - Jan 23, 2016 Interesting

Once upon a time in 1985, a bunch of wives with nothing to do but crave power created what was known as the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC).  Take a look at this line-up and see if it even remotely feels legit to you: Tipper Gore, wife of Senator & Vice President Al Gore Susan […]

John Fogerty Got Sued For Sounding Like Himself...

Tuesday - Jan 12, 2016 Interesting

Once upon a time, there was a band called the Creedence Clearwater Revival. Known as CCR, these four fellows put nine songs in the Billboard Top 10, five of which were in the Top 2.  They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Rolling Stone named them among the top 100 greatest […]