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The Best Condenser Microphones for Pro & Home Studios

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best condenser mic for vocals

While nobody outright says that a dynamic mic or ribbon mic can't compete with the best condenser microphone, we all eventually cast our vote with our wallets. Condenser mics are clearly the most popular types period, whether we're talking about home recording or in a professional studio, or vocals versus instruments. It's hard to go wrong with any of the best of each budget range. […]

The Best Dynamic Microphones for Vocals & More

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best dynamic vocal mic

Our goal here then is to have a quick discussion about the best dynamic microphones (as opposed to condensers) and what else is needed to use them and care for them. It applies to lesser ones as well, though I hope you don't settle for one of those. If you already know you want a dynamic then you may already know some of this preliminary […]

The Best Cheap Microphones for Home Studio Recording

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best cheap mics for home recording

Regardless of the inconsistencies in all of the advice out there, I'm here to tell you. There's a sweet spot between high-end professional microphones and consumer mics. This range is where the best cheap microphones land. You don't want some USB mic designed for some kid who wants to be a podcaster before putting the mic in the closet. You also don't need to commit […]

The Best Vocal Microphones For Studio Quality Recording

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best microphone for vocals

The first thing to realize about a question such as "What's the best microphone for vocals?" is that there as many types of voices as there are mics. Beyond that, there are types of vocal performances that may fare better with a dynamic mic instead of a condenser, and vice-versa, even if the mic in the other camp is less good. With all these considerations, […]

The Best Studio Headphone Amplifiers for Distribution & Sub-Mixes

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best headphone amplifiers

Besides, those portable and desktop headphone amps can't provide the features a pro music studio needs in terms of routing and distributing signals, let alone allowing for monitoring sub-mixes. Today we look at the real-deal useful and best studio headphone amplifiers. There are some despicable marketers out there building and selling single-channel headphone amps that cost more than a down payment on a house... zero […]

The Best Studio Headphones for Mixing & Recording

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best mixing headphones

I don't know if you'd call it fortunate or not but I've had the pleasure of using lots of different options including the best studio headphones on the market. Between them being stolen in high school to destroyed in my college backpack to my cat laying on them and puking in the ear holes… it's been quite the adventure. I can't count the number I've […]

The Best Audio Interfaces for Home & Studio Recording

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best audio interface

Then we'll show you our hand-picked recommendations from the cheapest to the highest quality so you can choose the best audio interface in your budget range based on your quality and input/output needs. Your goal will determine what you need. Are you a rapper, singer, or podcaster? In this case, you can get away with a single channel or two to accommodate yourself and a […]

The Best Vocal Compressors for Studio-Quality Audio

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best compressor reviews

A vocal compressor is easily the most misunderstood (or not understood at all) piece of studio gear out there. While each piece of gear in your signal chain has a cumulative effect on your overall quality, none gets you closer to what you hear on the radio, TV, and CD's faster than a top-notch compressor. And that's why I'll repeat this again: You simply cannot […]

The Best Mic Preamp for Every Budget - Crystal Clarity for Vocals & Instruments!

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best mic preamps

"Yeah but it's got Class X Goober pre's in it, so it has to be the best mic preamp!" Don't be a sucker for marketing. These mixers, recording interfaces, and channel strips are offering you countless recording channels, several preamplifiers, a compressor, maybe an equalizer, and A/D and D/A converters for what... a couple hundred bucks or less? Just how good can any of those […]

DubTurbo Review - The Software Shortcut to Making Dubstep

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dubturbo review

But years later my interest was still piqued so I began hunting around for any software that might have been developed specifically to get around this automation nightmare. Turned out, there were several. I tried many, all culminating in this DubTurbo review. I personally decided that I'd hunt around and give the best of these software options a chance. It clearly became obvious after an […]