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How Should I Use This Alternative Acoustic Treatment Insulation?

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acoustic treatment insulation

Today's question-giver has found a great local source for rigid fiberglass for acoustic treatment. But will it meet the needs for producing professional quality music? Let's find out. Special thanks goes to Eric for correcting us on some details about the LA-2A compressor, one of the best and historically important important compressors out there. It's important to get it right, so thanks again to Eric. […]

Are There Steps to Mixing a Song Like an Order of Operations?

Updated: Q & A

Of the many questions we've received lately, three of them featured a similar theme, The Order of Operations, either in the question or in our answer. Here is the first in full for the benefit of the entire community regarding the steps to mixing a song: Special thanks goes to Artur for taking the time to say shoot us this kind email: Dear LN, Thank […]

Instant Karma: Staind, Christina Aguilera, & the National Anthem!

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christina aguilera

As John Lennon once wisely told us: "Instant Karma's gonna get you, gonna knock you right on the head!" And that's precisely what happened to Aaron Lewis, the singer from Staind. Hey, Aaron. How do you like your justice served? Scrambled or fried? Christina Aguilera Flubs the National Anthem Now look, seriously... I can't even think about public speaking without my hands shaking and my […]

How 13 Famous Bands Got Their Names

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band name origins

Without a doubt, the most important aspect to marketing anything is the name. Movies, books, magazines, bands, etc... you have to grab someones attention and keep it. You have to create curiosity and make them want to explore your offering. You could have the best art in the world, but if you can't get anyone to give it a fair shake then it will go […]

Start a Record Label with Ease: Record Label in a Box

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contents of record label in a box

Setting up and running a record label is a dream venture for many budding music entrepreneurs. But how do you even get started? Any of us who've had experience with the major label industry knows things are not always what they seem. From being locked into crazy contracts, ripped off, and being censored "guided" on how to express our art, it tends to turn our […]

Funklogic's Palindrometer - Silly 3 Space Rack Filler!

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funklogic palindrometer

If there's any spot in the studio that lends itself to being anal-retentive and obsessive its the ordering and look of your rack. For me, I have to have each piece mounted in the right order with the right color combinations going on. I'll even turn off the lights and see how all of the LED lights look! That's all completely unnecessary, which is where […]

Kind Lady Helps Man w/ Broken Bike Make it to Dave Matthews Concert...

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dave matthews bicycle problems

Twas another hot, slightly overcast day in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The sweat was beading up as even the birds were seeking the shade of the surrounding trees. Emily Kraus rolled along in her car with the windows down, jamming her favorite Dave Matthews Band album as she inched closer to the venue... Emily had been a fan of the DMB since the wee age of 9 […]

Chap Hop & the Gentleman's Battle Beef

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chap hop battle beef

Most of you likely have never even heard of Chap Hop, let alone realized there's already a feud amongst the two leaders of the rap sub-genre. This feud is between Professor Elemental and Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer, already leading to battle tracks and disses in various songs. Of course, the beef is satire just like the entire culture and library of work these jolly […]

Zildjian is One of the Oldest Companies In the World!

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zildjian oldest company in the world

Anyone even slightly familiar with music instruments knows about Zildjian. Their name is synonymous with the cymbals that can be found on almost every drum set you come across. That's amazing and is likely due to one of the most interesting facts about them... Beyond totally dominating an entire sector of the music instrument industry... The Avedis Zildjian Company is among the oldest companies in […]

Acoustic Treatment: Where Does the Absorbed Sound Go?

Updated: Q & A
acoustic treatment friction heat

Today we received a common question that gets asked by the insightful, but not scientifically inclined members of the music community: That's a really clever question. Another way of asking it is 'How does acoustic treatment work?' We have the quick and easy answer for you right here. Where Does Absorbed Sound Go in Acoustic Treatment? Question: I was thinking about how sound bounces off […]

How Does MP3 Compression Work?

Updated: Q & A

How does MP3 compression work? That's a common question that deserves a fast answer. I actually searched around the net before sitting down to write this and noticed that everyone was writing novels about the topic but nobody could explain it in a quick, normal-person manner. So here we go! "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C. Clarke For most of […]

25 Crazy Science-Supported Facts About Music

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science facts about music

The mental_floss magazine tasked John Green of their List Show to compile 25 Facts About the Science of Music... He went above and beyond to make sure these were actually surprising, amazing, and conversation-inducing. Check out the 10 minute video below or scroll down for our TL;DR version: While won't suck all the life out of the video above because it deserves a watch, we'll […]

Are Expensive Studio Cables Worth the Money?

Updated: Q & A
are expensive audio cables worth it

Are these crazy expensive studio cables worth the cash? How come I can buy a Livewire XLR cable for a literal fraction of the price of a Monster cable? And then I see these ridiculous audiophile cables asking a thousand dollars or more for a single cable? What's the deal? Do they actually produce better quality audio? It all boils down to some folks not […]

Technical Prowess or Authenticity? What's More Enjoyable in Music?

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technical prowess or emotional impact

This is a question I've been pondering since I was a teenager and found myself becoming involved with music. There seems to be three classes of musicians: Those who focus on technical prowess. Those who focus on authenticity and expression. Those who've mastered both. Now completely disregard the pop star machine that compartmentalizes these factors. I'm not talking about music that has 50 writers and […]

Chord Maps - How to Choose Chord Progressions

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chord maps

Chord maps are the secret to the musical universe. All musicians face a set of similar challenges when it comes to writing chord progressions. We've already provided a shortcut on musical key characteristics, which helps you match specific emotions to certain keys to achieve the feeling you're looking for in your song. But what about after that? You still need a chord progression or two […]

Musical Key Characteristics & Emotions

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musical key characteristics

Musical key characteristics are something that are never talked about for some odd reason. It's not like professional songwriters choose a random key and slap some random chord changes in there and magically end up with the perfect feeling that matches the lyrics. It's not some hidden secret. I can almost guarantee you most songwriters think "Is this a positive emotion or a negative one?" […]

The In-The-Box vs. Outboard Mixing Squabble

Updated: Q & A
in the box mixing versus outboard gear

A lot of us take the art and science of mixing and mastering music very seriously. Most of us focus on one thing: the quality of the outcome, not mixing in the box or out of it. Who cares how you do it as long as the end result rocks, right? NOPE. People like drama. People like to be different and unique. People also experience […]

Music Streams are Ad Impressions... Welcome to Internet Advertising

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music streams as internet advertising impressions

Musicians (including myself), I hate to break it to you... it's time to stop crying and start playing by the different and new set of rules. You're not going to get paid more for your streams, and even if companies pacify you by doubling the amount they pay you, that's still negligible. Nobody is going to say "Yay, I'm getting two-one-hundreds of a penny instead […]

BabyMetal - Japan Keeps it's Crown as King of the Weird

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This post isn't your typical "Culture" post on Ledger Note. This has more to do with various sub-cultures smashing together and solidifying Japan's spot as #1 in weird! Meet BabyMetal... BABYMETAL is the next level heavy metal devil stuff. Some mad genius in a laboratory deep in the bowels of Japan decided to take the metal culture, dash in some karate, and take the prototypal […]

Scatman John Stuttered His Way to Stardom!

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scatman john watercolor

If ever there was an inspirational story, the story of Scatman John as told through his own lyrics fits the bill: Everybody stutters one way or the otherSo check out my message to youAs a matter of fact, don't let nothin' hold you backIf the Scatman can do it, so can you Scatman John's Early Life The Scatman was born as John Paul Larkin on […]