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The Sharpsichord - A Giant, Solar-Powered Pin-Barrel Harp

Updated: Life

What happens when you give a quirky inventor $126k to invent an instrument? This... Henry Dagg is a sculptor who was commission by the English Folk Dance & Song Society for the hefty sum of £56,000 to invent three art installations relating to music and sound. Not one to be limited by such a pittance […]

The Glass Armonica Makes "The Sound of Angels Singing" 

Updated: Interesting

The glass armonica is, essentially, a series of spinning bowls. They are different sizes, and make different sounds when you rub your finger along the side of them while they spin like some musicians do with wine glasses. Don’t let the simplicity of explaining it take away from the patience and skill it takes to […]

Weird Instruments - 21 Musical Monstrosities That Actually Work

Updated: Interesting

Weird musical instruments abound. Strings, brass, percussion... even ones with animals in them exist in the present, and that's not even counting the theoretical ones throughout history that got a little too bizarre. 21 Weird Instruments Let's take a look at the strangest and most unusual instruments out there, in no particular order. Now, there […]

CD Baby celebrates 20th Birthday & $600 Million in Artist Payouts

Updated: Industry News

If you're like me, you probably remember the old days of uploading your songs to MySpace and Soundcloud.  It was cool to hit the charts and get a ton of plays, but there wasn't a readily available way of monetizing those plays.  The best you could do on these streaming sites was link people out […]

5 True Music Myths People Want to Be False

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The history of modern music is draped in the power of myth and rumor, from the “Paul is dead” buzz to Led Zeppelin’s filthy mud shark incident. Sometimes, the stories that serve as the foundation for such mythos are so fantastic, so cool, or so flat out weird, it doesn’t much matter whether they’re true, […]

Can We Mix the Kick Drum & Bass in Stereo?

Updated: Q & A

A fantastic email came in today that was so good that I dropped everything else I was doing to address the question at hand. The question involves the information found in one of our most popular and earliest articles called Mixing Bass and Kick for Low-End Balance. With nearly every genre now emphasizing the low-end […]