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Basic Song Structure Essentials

Updated: Music Theory
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The deeper into the adventure of song writing you delve, the more you'll begin to notice patterns, especially relating to song structure. Differing genres and decades will display their various influences and preferences, but at the end of the day the basic song structure essentials never change. One or two of the fundamentals may disappear in exchange for others here and there, but you'll typically […]

Mixing With Headphones Versus Monitors

Updated: Mixing & Mastering
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While it's indisputable that countless top quality songs have been produced while mixing with headphones, there are many issues to be overcome that can simply be avoided by mixing, or at least referencing, with monitors. Properly balancing the stereo field can be extremely difficult in the full-immersion of earphones versus the natural ambience of an acoustically treated studio with flat frequency monitors. This is largely why you find […]

Why Learn Music Theory?

Updated: Music Theory
the circle of fifths

The more time you spend in the music industry, the more you'll realize how few "musicians" even know the rudimentary fundamentals of music theory. You'll also pick up on the pattern of excuses, ranging from a load of crap about their free spirit being constrained to not wanting to sound like a jazz cello player when they just want to play roots reggae. All of […]

Your Beats Are Boring and Here's Why

Updated: Beat Production
help my beats are boring

Not a day goes by where I don't hear some non-hip-hop listener say something stupid like, "Listen to this crap. I could make this beat! There's nothing to it. I ought to be a millionaire." If you dig into the online beat making community for even ten minutes you'll realize that a lot of these haters actually attempt to become producers, along with other aspiring […]

Fundamental Audio Mixing Tips & Techniques

Updated: Mixing & Mastering
audio mixing tips

With skillful mixing, a horribly recorded song can be made reasonably listenable. A terribly written tune can be polished into a less embarrassing effort. A run-of-the-mill song can be coaxed into greatness by the ears of an experienced mixer. And most importantly, a fantastic song, when refined by the masterful precision of elite mixer, can become a global sensation responsible for launching careers, altering artist's […]